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  1. Changing, reversing or mitting a small part
  2. Changing, reversing or omitting a series of connections
  3. Changing a major element
    Up to the value of the element
  4. Substituting or omitting a major element
    Double the value of the element
  5. Reversing a major element (if not allowed to be reversed)
    Half the value of the element
  6. Incomplete major element
    Up to the value of the element
  7. Incorrect position of arms, head, feet or legs (text errors)
    • Up to 0.40
    • (Deduct in general - not each time - according to small, medium and errors)
  8. Adding an extra element
    each 0.30
  9. Taking additional running steps into tumbling passes (Floor Exercise)
    • Each 0.10
    • (Max of 0.30 per tumbling pass)
  10. Repetition of a missed element (start judging at the point of interruption)
    No Penalty
  11. Majorelement performed with additional twist, turn or with major change in flight
    Up to the value of the element
  12. Changing
    performing a variation of the element prescribed
  13. Substituting
    performing a totally different element than the element prescribed
  14. Omitting
    leaving the element out completely. Omitted elements may not be performed later in the exercise (out of order) or after the last element in the exercise.
  15. Releves
    Any step designated as "not in releve" may be performed in releve without penalty.
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General Faults and Penalties
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