Chapter 13 Government Test Questions

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  1. Key:
    "Pres" = President
    "VP" = Vice President
    "Const" = Constitution
  2. Which reform has been recommended to change the electoral college?
    Eliminate the "winner take all" provision of the system.
  3. Which event took place as a result of THIS ruling?
    The release of the Watergate tapes to the Senate Watergate Committee.
  4. The principal of executive privilege relates to which Constitutional doctrine?
    Separation of powers
  5. What have executive privilege resulted in?
    Resulted in Supreme Court decisions, ordering the Pres to give sensitive materials to investigators.
  6. In choosing members of the Cabinet, the President usually seeks out people who:
    Will remain loyal to the Pres.
  7. Which is a characteristic of the Electoral College?
    Gives the House the power to determine who will be Pres if no candidate gets the majority of the electoral votes.
  8. The usefulness to the President of having Cabinet members as political advisors is undermined by the fact that:
    The loyalties of Cabinet members are divided between loyalty to the Pres and loyalty to their own executive departments.
  9. In attempting to gain public support for his agenda, the President uses all the following techniques EXCEPT:
    Holding a private meeting with the joint chiefs of staff.
  10. Invocation of the War Powers Act of 1973 would be most important in determining:
    The nature of the commitment of US Marines to a peacekeeping role in Bosnia.
  11. What is NOT a formal or informal source of presidential power?
    Presidential authority to raise revenue.
  12. What method is used by a President who wants to persuade reluctant members of Congress to vote for a particular bill? The President:
    makes a direct appeal to the public.
  13. Who's in charge of the exec submitting spending proposals to Congress?
    Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
  14. What describes a President who has become too powerful?
    An "Imperial Presidency"
  15. Which action increases the power of the President?
    A greater RELIANCE on the federal government to solve problems.
  16. What is a major reason why the Electoral College was created?
    It would enanle a SELECT GROUP of electors to cast the final vote for the President and the VP.
  17. In recent years, Presidents have come to rely most heavily on the advice of:
    The White House Staff.
  18. What accounts for the fact that the power and prestige of the Presidency have grown since 1932?
    • America's increasing prominence in international affairs
    • New Deal and other programs
    • Presidents' increased visibility due to the media
  19. The amount of access Cabinet secretaries have to the President, is most likely to be controlled by the:
    President's Chief of Staff.
  20. Among the executive branch's checks on the legislative branch is the President's power to do what?
    Call special sessions of Congress.
  21. American foreign policy is directed primarily by who?
    The President.
  22. What action taken by Abraham Lincoln was based on presidential power laid out in the Constitution?
    Remove General McClellan as commander of The Army of the Patomic.
  23. What is an accurate statement about Presidential veto power?
    It is the most effective way for a president to influence the legislative process
  24. What theory about the president's political approval rating and military action is supported by historical examples?
    Short, successful military engagements are followied by a sharp rise in the president's approval rating.
  25. A president has the most unchecked authority when he or she is:
    repelling sudden attacks on the US.
  26. In selecting members of the White House staff, presidents primarily seek people who
    Are personally loyal to the President.
  27. Which does not explain the President's difficulty in controlling agencies?
    Can only fire agency appointees if the senate agrees.
  28. When the President needs support, where does he look to?
    • Federal Beauracracy
    • Cabinet
    • The President's party leadership in Congress
    • Public support
  29. Examples of people on the White House Staff do NOT include what?
    Vice President.
  30. What represents a reason why Presidents have trouble getting things done?
    • Other policy makers have their own:
    • - agendas
    • - sources
    • Congress is not too beholden to the President
    • The influence of special interest groups and lobbyists
  31. Using the bully pulpit refers to a President...
    Using the power & influence of his office to exert pressure
  32. Which powers belong to the VP?
    • Secede a Pres who dies, etc.
    • Help decide if Pres is disables or not
    • Cast tie-breaking votes in Senate
  33. What is an unwritten power of the Pres?
    Senatorial courtesy (pardon for crimes)
  34. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution was significant because...
    It limited the President's power to use military force.
  35. What's a likely reason for a Pres to enter into an executive agreement with a foreign country rather than sign a treaty?
    An executive agreement avoids political wrangling with the Senate since it does NOT need to be ratified.
  36. The War Powers Resolution (1973) was designed to...
    Make congressional involvement in decisions committing military force in hostile situations overseas.
  37. Supporters of granting the Pres a line-item veto would most likely argue that this power would increase a Pres' ability to...
    Control federal spending.
  38. Which is true of an executive agreement made between a US Pres and another head of state?
    It does not require Senate approval, but may require congressional allocation of funds for implementation
  39. Which is NOT a true statement pertaining to the Presidential veto?
    A Pres may veto part of a bill.
  40. After Congress passes an appropriations bill, the Pres can NOT:
    Exercise a line-item veto after signing.
  41. The Const. states the requirements for being Pres. Which is NOT a requirement?
    Being a member of a political party.
  42. What is a significant Presidential foreign policy action taken during the 1990s?
    US participation in trade agreements like NAFTA.
  43. What occurs first during a Pres' impeachment?
    The House Judiciary Committee votes on articles of impeachment. (---HOUSE impeaches Pres)
  44. Historically, the approval rating of the Pres usually...
    Fluctuates depending on his response to national and international problems.
  45. What event occured during the 2000 presidential election?
    The Supreme Court determined the outcome of the election.
  46. What 3 presidential appointments need to be confirmed by the Senate?
    • Secretary of Treasury (all Cabinet members)
    • Ambassador of Mexico (all ambassadors)
    • Supreme Court Justice (all Supreme Court Justices)
  47. According to the 25th Amendment, what happens to the Pres when he is disabled while serving in office?
    After Cabinet members make a declaration of the Pres' incapacity to govern, the VP becomes Pres.
  48. What powers in dealing with proposed legislation do the Pres and Congress NOT have?
    Line-item veto.
  49. A presidential power that has been challenged by Congress since 1960 is power to...
    Send troops.
  50. An alternative manner in which a Pres can implement policy without congressional approval is by...
    Executive order.
  51. What advantage did the line-item veto have over a regular veto?
    Stick any provision on the 13 major appropriations bills.
  52. What is NOT a characteristic of the high tech Presidential campaign?
    Political debates that include minor party candidates.
  53. Unlike a treaty, an executive agreement does what?
    NOT require Senate approval.
  54. Since 1960, what is the most significant factor in determining what candidates get the party's nominations?
    Primary wins, 1144
  55. What is NOT considered a delegated Constitutional job of the Pres?
    Head of the party (titular head).
  56. If there is an international level that is an imminent threat to the US, what is the immediate effect of the Pres' approval rating?
    Sharp increase.
  57. Which of the following is the only stated Const. responsibility of the VP?
    Presiding officer of the Senate.
  58. Besides the powers in the Const, what role doe the Pres' party play?
    Acting as titular head.
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