Balance Beam and Floor Exercise

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  1. Failure to drop heel at completion of "heel-snap" turns
    Each 0.05
  2. Incorrect leg alignment in arabesque position when indicated
    Up to 0.10
  3. Failure to contract or extend when indicated
    Up to 0.10
  4. Lack of coordination on supple body movements
    Up to 0.10
  5. Failure to kick leg horizontal or above when required
    Up to 0.10
  6. Uneven leg separation in leaps/jumps
    Up to 0.10
  7. Failure to perform 180* and 360* turns on one foot in high releve
    Each up to 0.10
  8. Failure to use levering actionin or out of eements when required (straight line - fingers to toes)
    Each up to 0.10
  9. Insufficient split
    Up to 0.20
  10. Degree of turn not exact (over turned)
    Up to 0.20
  11. Incorrect leg position on turns
    Up to 0.20
  12. Movment lacking artistry of presentation
    • Up to 0.30 (General deduction for whole exercise)
    • Consider:
    • Quality of gymnast's movement to reflect the style of te compulsory routine - Up t00.15
    • Quality of expression (i.e. projection, emotion, focus) - Up to 0.15
  13. Extra kick up to handstand
  14. Stop between elements in an acro (tumbling) series of Floor Exercise
  15. Grasping beam to avoid a fall
  16. Use of heel-snap turn technique when performing turns requiring a weight transfer
  17. Failure to perform steps, lock positions, and pivot turns in high releve position
    Upto 0.50 (General deduction for whole exercise)
  18. Heel-snap turns performed on correct foot, but turns in wrong direction
    Up to 0.50 (reverses major element = deduct half the value of the element)
  19. Incomplete turns (apply deduction for inomplete element)
    Up to the value of the element
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