ESP Chapter 5

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  1. What are organizations?
    Organizations are systems in which interrelated parts work together & independently to accomplish the goals of organization.
  2. What is a formal organization?
    An org chart with responsibility, who reports to whom and how the unit of government works.
  3. Types of organization
    Line org - chain of command. Person at the top has complete authority - TPD

    Line-and-staff org - similar to line org but relies on experts to advise line officials

    Functional org - organization's specialized functions has its own department

    Program or project org - staff assigned to programs or projects

    Quality Improvement org - a series of interelated teams involved in continuous improvement process.
  4. What the 6 building blocks of Quality Improvement Organizations?
    • Work process improvement
    • Continuous improvement
    • Customer focus
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Strategic planning
  5. What is teamwork?
    Teamwork is about working together to improve work processes, the work culture, the work quality of services & the results citizens fet for their tax dollars.

    Team work is good business.
  6. What are the advantages of using teams?
    Presence of different perspectives, views & skills maximizes the strength of the group & produces better decisions.

    Teams from different areas break down structural barriers, bring out hidden talent & create synergy.

    Enhances the quality of work life.
  7. How are informal organizations formed?
    Informal groups are shaped by a number of factors, including employees' interest, backgrounds, preferences, & affiliations.
  8. What characteristics of successful teams?
    • Know the goal
    • Many leaders
    • Look at the assets vs the liabilities
    • Knew other team members well

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