Peds - Test 4

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  1. What age should you test children's age?
  2. What is considered legal blindness?
  3. What does 20/40 vision mean?
    Child can see at 20 ft. what a normal child can see at 40 ft.
  4. What age should a child's vision be pretty close to normal?
    age 5
  5. How many should the child get right before the line is able to be counted as correct?
    1/2 or more
  6. When do babies start produce tears?
    3-6 months
  7. Color blindness?
    Affects 8-10% more males (more common in males)

    -red, green, blue yellow most common
  8. How is a blocked lacrimal duct treated?
    with a lacrimal massage 3-4 times daily
  9. When is a blocked lacrimal duct usually outgrown?
    around 1 yr. of age
  10. What is Strabismus?

    How long is it considered normal?

    3 months of age
  11. what is Amblyopia?

    Why does it need to be treated quickly?
    Lazy Eye

    Early detection is imperative because the child may develop blindness if not found
  12. Treatment for ambylopia?
    Patch the good eye
  13. what is the medical term for pink eye?
  14. How long are you contagious after you start antibiotic treatment for conjunctivitis?
    24 hrs.
  15. What is the most comon cause of conjuctivitis?
    What type of discharge?
    How is it treated?
    • Bacterial
    • Thick purulent discharge
    • Treated with antibiotic drops
  16. How do you treat viral conjuctivitis?
    Periodic warm most compresses (eye will have serous drainage)
  17. How do you treat allergic conjuctivitis?
    Avoid Allergens
  18. Teaching for conjuctivits?
    • Wipe inner to outer canthus
    • Clean each eye with a seperate cotton ball
  19. S/S of a corneal abrasion?
    excessive tearing, pain decreased vision, and light sensitive
  20. Treatment for corneal abrasion?
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • (patch if large abrasion)
  21. How is corneal abrasion diagnosed?
    With floresceint dye and a Wood's Lamp
  22. Cooing, happy sounds should begin when in a baby?
    4-6 months
  23. when should a baby's first word be?
    10-12 months of age
  24. When should a child's first sentence be?
    18 months
  25. What age should a child have a 50 word vocabulary?
    age 2
  26. What type of disorder is it when a child can not comprehend?
    Receptive Disorder
  27. What type of disorder is it when a child can not express themselves?
    Expressive Disorder
  28. Which type of hearing loss?

    Outer/middle ear damage inflammation
  29. Which type of hearing loss?

    Reversible Obstruction
  30. Which type of hearing loss?

    Ear wax
  31. Which type of hearing loss?

    Inner ear &/or auditory nerve dysfunction
  32. Which type of hearing loss?

    Usually permanent that may be treated with a cochlear implant
  33. Which type of hearing loss?

    Prematurity,meningitis, ototoxic meds
  34. Which type of hearing loss?

    Combination of Conductive and Sensorineural
  35. Which type of hearing loss?

    Trauma or brain tumor
  36. Which type of hearing loss?

    Damage to conduction between auditory nervous system and cerebral cortex
  37. Explain the TEN-4 Bruising Rule:
    Should be absolutely no bruising on child younger than 4 months

    Should not be any bruising on a child less than 4 years on the Thorax, Ears, or Neck
  38. Physical indcators of Emotional Abuse?
    Hunger, poor hygeine, unsuitable clothing
  39. Behavioral indicators of Emotional Abuse?
    • comforting habits
    • behavior disorders
    • neurotic traits
    • may attempt suicide
  40. Physical symptoms of Sexual Abuse?
    • Difficulty walking/sitting
    • torn, stained, bloody undergarments
    • genital pain/swelling/itching
    • UTI
  41. Behavioral indicators of Sexual Abuse?
    • unusual sexual knowledge
    • withdrawal
    • eating disturbances
    • promiscuity
    • self-injury
  42. Diagnosing ADHD?
    Signs must be present > 6 months at 2 or more settings, and impair one level of functioning, & must exhibit 6 or more hallmark behaviors
  43. What is the most common trigger for an adult to shake a baby?
  44. If a baby presents with failure to thrive, seizures, apnea, respiratory problems, coma, vomiting with drowsiness, or lethargy what should be suspected?
    Shaken-Baby Syndrome
  45. What is Munchausen by Proxy?
    When the caregiver falsifies or causes illness to the child and denies knwoledge of cause (primarily to get attention)
  46. What is the most common bacterial skin infection in childhood?
  47. What is Imptegio caused by?
    How does it get into skin?
    Staph or Strep

    Gets in thru skin by cut, scratch, insect bite
  48. S/S of Impetigo?
    Lesion with Honey Colored fluid/pus that dries crusty
  49. Treatment for Impetigo?
    • Treat with antiobiotic ointment (caregiver wear gloves)
    • Soak crusts in warm soapy wash cloth

    It's very contagious, so use seperate towels, do not touch wound then someone else, do not drink after the child
  50. When is Impetigo no longer contagious after administering treatment?
    24 hrs
  51. What is Candidiasis?
    Yeast Infection
  52. Treatment for Oral Candidiasis?
    • Nyastatin Swish & Swallow
    • (pt. should eat and drink before)
  53. Treatment of Candiasis in the diaper area?
    Lotromin cream - *use a little bit and rub it in very well*
  54. What should breast feeding moms be aware of?
    Candidiasis (yeast infection) may live on their nipples so they should make sure to clean those suckers
  55. Where do type 1 Hepes appear?
    Face & Lips
  56. Where do type 2 Herpes appear?
  57. If a child has genital herpes what should you suspect?
    Child abuse
  58. What precautions are placed on someone with herpes?
  59. What are some important interventions to prevent the spread of Herpes?
    Careful Handwashing

    Wash toys, untensils, bottles, etc. thouroughly!

    Do not engage in sexual activity while you have a lesion
  60. What should you do to prevent the spread of warts?
    Wear flipflops in public showers, do not share towels
  61. Common treatment of warts?
    • Salicylic Acid
    • Cryotherapy (freezing the wart)
    • Duct Tape
    • Surgical Removal

    *May disappear w/o treatment over a period of several months*
  62. How is lice transmitted?
    By direct contact with another individual - live CAN'T jump from one person to another

    (Should not share towels, combs, etc.)
  63. what is Pediculosis Capitus?
    Head Lice
  64. Where is head lice found in humans primarily, and how far from the scalp?
    Behind the ears and nape of neck, about 1/4-1/2 inch from scalp
  65. Treatment for head lice?
    OTC products safe & effective

    Remove nits with a fine tooth comb, if not dead they can hatch and cause reinfestation

    Wash clothing & bedding

    Vaccum Carpets

    Treat ALL infected family members
  66. Lesions that are linear, papules, vesicles and nodules best describes what?
  67. Where are scabies usually seen on people?
    Fingers (in webbing), wrists, axillae, groin & buttocks
  68. When is the itching most intense with scabies?
    At night
  69. How long can scabies survive without human skin to feed off of?
    3 days
  70. Patient teaching for Lindane to treat Scabies?
    ***Should not be used in children younger than 2 and pregnant women bcause it is neurotoxic***

    Must stay on 8-14 hours, apply at bedtime and wash off
  71. Whats the hallmark sign of atopic dermatitis?
    Dry Skin
  72. What is another name for Atopic Dermatitis?
  73. What should you recommend to a patient with eczema about bathing?
    • Bathe frequently in dry climate
    • Bathe infrequently in humid climate

    Follow baths wih moisturizer when skin is still damp
  74. What is a chronic skin condition, where you have nonpuritic, oily, yellow scales that block sweat?
    Seborrheic Dermatitis
  75. Patient teaching about treating Seborrheic Dermatitis?
    Do NOT use lotions and creams bcause they will aggravate the skin***

    Use mild soap or otc antiseborrheic

    Use soft bristled brush to loosen scales
  76. Skin inflammation caused by diaper, soap, loiton, nickel, rubber etc?
    Contact Dermatitis
  77. Where does Seborrheic Dermatitis occur?
    • Scalp, Diaper area, eyelids
    • (usually occurs age 2 wks - 1 yr)
  78. Should HIV positive moms breast feed?
  79. What is HIV?
    it destroys white blood cell (T cells or CD4 cells) that the immune system must have to fight the disease
  80. What is AIDS?
    final stage of HIV infection where the body's immune system is weakened so bad the person gets multiple infections
  81. What S/S should be reported of corticosteroid therapy?
    • -Fever
    • -S/S of infection
    • -slow wound healing
    • -sudden weight gain
    • -growth delay
  82. What are the 8 side effects of corticosteroids?
    • 1. Edema
    • 2. GI irritation (take with food)
    • 3. Bruising & delayed wound healing
    • 4. Increased risk of infection
    • 5. Growth Delay (taper off steroids to allow for gradual return of adrenal function - monitor wt. & ht.)
    • 6. Increased appetite, weight gain
    • 7. Amenorrhea
    • 8. Joint pain & osteoporosis
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