Level 4 Uneven Bars

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  1. Mount:
    Glide and Return, Back Hip Pullover
    • 0.40 each
  2. Mount:
    Glide and Return, Back Hip Pullover Faults:
    Glide Swing
    Failure to take-off from both feet simultaneously
    Performs run-out glide
    Failure to lead with the feet in the forward glide swing (performs a ling hang swing)
    Insufficient extension at end of glide swing
    Performs glide backswing with legs straddled
    Failure to close legs at tend of straddle glide
    Failure to maintain hand contact on bar between the glide swing and the pullover
    Failure to contact mat with feet following glide backswing
    Step, hop, or extra jump before the back hip pullover
    Failure to lift both legs simultaneously (1-foot take-off)
    Supplementary support (chin resting on top of bar prior to lifting legs over LB)
    Failure to finish in an extended front support
    • 0.10
    • 0.30
    • Up to 0.10
    • Up to 0.20
    • 0.20
    • 0.10
    • 0.10
    • 0.20
    • Each 0.10
    • 0.30
    • 0.30
    • Up to 0.10
  3. Front Hip Circle, Small Cast
    • 0.60
  4. Front Hip Circle, Small Cast Faults:
    Failure to show straight-hollow body position into circle
    Release of hands to grab legs during circle (changing element)
    Failure to execute a small cast immediately after front hip circle
    Lack of control in returning to the bar
    Failure to return to front support (performs immediate squat through)
    • Up to 0.10
    • 0.60
    • 0.30
    • Up to 0.10
    • 0.50
  5. Cast, Single Leg Squat Through
    • 0.40
  6. Cast, Single Leg Squat Through Faults:
    Leg/foot contacting bar on squat through
    Failure to show clear stride support at end of squat through
    • Up to 0.20
    • Up to 0.20
  7. Forward Stride Circle
    • 0.60
  8. Forward Stride Circle Faults:
    Failure to simultaneously change both hands to reverse grip
    Failure to show clear stride support at beginning and end of circle
    Failure to maintain reverse grip (hands completely release bar instead of shifting wrists)
    Hooking knee on the bar on the upswing to complete circle
    • 0.20
    • Each up to 0.20
    • 0.30
    • 0.50
  9. Single Leg Cut Backward
  10. Failure to change hand grip prior to leg cut backward
    Failure to perform a "cutting" action (considered substitution)
    • 0.10
    • 0.40 x 2 = 0.80
  11. Cast Faults:
    • 0.40 (no angle requirement)
  12. Incorrect body alignment
    Up to 0.20
  13. Back Hip Circle
    • 0.60
  14. Back Hip Circle Faults:
    Failure to maintain straight-hollow body position throughout circle
    Failure to maintain hip or upper thigh contact on bar throughout circle
    • Up to 0.20
    • Up to 0.20
  15. Underswing Dismount
    • 0.80
  16. Underswing Dismount Faults:
    Failure to maintain a straight-hollow body position throughout
    Hips contacting bar (no deduction for thighs touching bar)
    Insufficient extension of body in flight
    Insufficient flight
    • Up to 0.20
    • 0.20
    • Up to 0.20
    • Up to 0.20

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Level 4 Uneven Bars
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Table of Penalties for the Level 4 Uneven Bars
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