B737-Flight Instruments and Communications

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  1. TRUE or FALSE

    The SERVICE INTERPHONE switch on the aft overhead panel must be ON for the pilots to communicate with the flight attendant forward and aft stations.
  2. Which comm. station cannot communicate over the Flight interphone system?
    Flight Attendants
  3. What does the MASK position of the MASK-BOOM switch allow?
    Transmission over oxygen mask microphone in the MASK position.
  4. How would the pilot make a PA announcement while wearing an oxygen mask?
    PA selector ON; MASK/BOOM switch to MASK; actuate MIC with control column switch
  5. What is the Flight Deck indication when the external power receptacle PILOT CALL switch is pressed?
    One tone chime and blue Flight Deck CALL light comes on.
  6. When the "CAPTAIN" switch on the "Attendant" CALL SYSTEM panel is pressed, what are the Flight Deck indications?
    One tone chime and blue Flight Deck CALL light comes on.
  7. The EVENT Switch on the Flight Recorder is used for what purpose?
    Used to transcribe a mark on the tape to identify the time of an event.
  8. Which frequency should be avoided on VHF COMM #2 or #3?
    120.0 MHz
  9. TRUE or FALSE

    On-500 EFIS aircraft, during degraded or ALT Audio Selector Panel operation the only source of audio available is through the headset.
  10. Flight Interphone system usage is limited to in flight
    Flight Deck Crew Members
  11. When does the Cockpit Voice Recorder operate on the ground?
    When 115V AC power is on the aircraft.
  12. TRUE or FALSE

    The TEST switch on the Flight Recorder is used on the ground to bypass the engine oil pressure switches.
  13. The Flight Deck Voice Recorder on the 737-500 keeps flight deck audio on a ______loop.
    30 minute
  14. How many VHF communications radios are installed in the B737-500?
  15. TRUE or FALSE

    The -300/500 aircraft have a non-heated Alternate Static Port System.
  16. How is the Airspeed Cursor Manually set on the Electric Mach/Airspeed Indicator?
    Pull the Manual Airspeed Cursor Control knob in and rotate.
  17. TRUE or FALSE

    There are three altimeters in the -500. The Standby Altimeter operates at all times from the Alternate Static system.
  18. How are the mach/airspeed warning clackers silenced when an overspeed occurs?
    Reduce indicated airspeed below Vmo/Mmo.
  19. How many Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes are installed on the 737?
  20. On a -500 aircraft, which components operate inflight with no AC generators available?
    Clock, Capt. RDMI, Standby airspeed/altimeter, standby attitude indicator
  21. When does the Radio Altimeter (RA) indication become active?
    Descending through 2500 ft. AGL
  22. Normally, the Captain's ADI receives its attitude reference from the_______.
    Left Inertial Reference System (IRS)
  23. Which IRS mode selector positions are capable of supplying inflight attitude information to the ADI's?
    NAV & ATT
  24. Which IRS mode selector position normally supplies compass reference information to the respective HSI?
  25. TRUE or FALSE

    The IVSI on the (5) EFIS aircrafts driven by the respective IRS.
  26. TRUE or FALSE

    Concerning the Standy Horizen Indicator on the -500 EFIS aircraft:

    Glide Slope and Localizer deviation pointer indicates raw data from the #2 NAV Receiver.
    FALSE. It indicates raw data from the #1 NAV Receiver.
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