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  1. What is the largest artery in the body
    • Thoracic aorta
    • diameter 2-3 cm
  2. Location of the Thoracic aorta
    • Ascending from upper portion LV,up to right
    • Archs backwards from ascending
  3. Thoracic Abdominal
    Distributes O2 rich blood to entire body except alveoli of lungs
  4. Ascending Aorta
    • Branches right and left cornary arteries
    • Supplies muscle wall and septa of heart with blood
  5. Aortic arch
    • Superior mediastinum
    • Behind manubrium and ends at T4
  6. Where does the aorta arch end
  7. Aortic arch branches into
    • Brachiocephalic
    • Left common carotid
    • Left subclavin
  8. Brachiocelphalic artery location
    Lies at level of right sternoclavicular joint
  9. Brachiocephalic artery divides into
    • Right common carotid artery
    • -supplies blood to head and neck
    • Right subclavian artery
    • -supplies blood to right upper limb
  10. Left common carotid artery
    • Arises at height of aortic arch
    • Supplies left side of head and neck
    • Passes upward and obliquely into neck
  11. Left common carotid artery bifucates at
    • C4/C5 level of thyroid cartilage
    • External carotid artery
    • Internal carotid artery
  12. Commom carotid arteries
    • Both pass upwards on either side of neck
    • Embedded in a fascia called the carotid sheath at upper thyroid cartilage C4/C5 divides into external and internal carotid arteries
  13. The commom carotid ateries are embedded in a fascia called
    Carotid sheath
  14. Left subclavian artery
    • Arises from upper convex surface of aortic arch
    • Both right and left pass under clavicle
    • Supplies left upper limb
  15. one of the upaired arteries that supplies some of the viscera of the upper abdomen is a short trunk
  16. oxygenated blood is carred to the liver by the
    Hempatic artery
  17. The largest branch of the abdominal aorta supplies most of the small intestine and the first half of the large intestine. This branch is
    Superior mesenteric
  18. The artery supplying the arm is a continuation of the axillary artery and is called
  19. The largest of the paired branches of the abdominal aorta are those that supply the kidneys. These are the
  20. The abdominal aorta finally divides into
    Common iliac
  21. At what level does the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta occur
  22. The right subclavian artery and the right common carotid artery are branches of the
  23. The external iliac arteries extend into the thigh. Here each of them becomes
  24. The branch of the brachial artery that extends down the forearm and wrist of the thumb side is the
  25. The thoracic aorta becomes the abdominal aorta at the level of
  26. The anterior and posterior tibial arteries are branches of
  27. At what vertebra level does the common iliac bifurcate
  28. The external iliac artery becomes the femoral artery after passing below which structure
    inguinal ligament
  29. The anterior tibial artery continues onto the dorsal surface of the foot to become
    dorsalis pedis
  30. The abdominal aorta bifurcates at what level
  31. LIst the 3 major branches off the aorta arch
    • Common cortid
    • brachiocephaled
    • Lt sub clavian
  32. At what level does the thoracic aorta becomce the adbominal aorta
  33. Which veins come together to form the Superior vena cava
    • Brachicephalic
    • Brachiocephalic
  34. Which two vessels enter the renal vein before draning into the IVC
    • Lt. Gonadal
    • Lt. Supra renal vein
  35. Which artery supplies the left side of the head and neck
    Left common carotid artery
  36. At what level does the hemiazyos join azygos vein
  37. At what level does the Accessory Hemaizyos join the azygos
  38. What artery is formed from the joining of the vertebral arteries
    Basilar artery
  39. True or False
    The internal caroid artery supplies blood to the facial area and the external caroid artery supplies blood to the brain
  40. The right and left vertebral arteries arise from what arteries
  41. What vessels drain blood from the head
    Jugular veins
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