SAT Vocab-Week12:Column2

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  1. Tawdry
    showy and ceap
  2. Taxonomy
    science of classification
  3. Temporize
    delay immediate action in order to gain time
  4. Tenancy
    state or time of being a tenant
  5. Tendon
    in anatomy, a hard, insensible cord or bundle of connective tissue by which a muscle is attatched in a bone
  6. Tenement
    dwelling place, apartment, especially a building that is run down, dirty, etc.
  7. Tensile
    pertaining to tension
  8. Tenuous
    held by a thread, flimsy
  9. Terminology
    special vocabulary used in a field of study
  10. Thaumaturgy
    the act of performing a miracle, magic
  11. Theorem
    a speculative truth, a proposition to be proved by a chain of reasoning
  12. Therapeutic
    pertaining to curing disease
  13. Thermodynamic
    using force created by convention of heat into mechanical energy
  14. Thesis
    essay, proposition to be debated
  15. Thorax
    the part of the body between the neck and abdomen
  16. Thrombosis
    blood clot
  17. Tilde
    diacritical mark (~) used in Spanish to indicate a certain pronunciation of the letter n
  18. Tirade
    a vehement speech
  19. Tithe
    tax of one tenth
  20. Toccata
    piano or organ composisition designed to show player's technique
  21. Tocsin
    alarm bell
  22. Tolerate
    permit, put up with
  23. Tonneau
    the seat section in an automobile, usually refers to the area behind front seat but can include entire seating section; most often used when referring to convertible
  24. Toque
    woman's hat without a brim
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