B737-Fuel System

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  1. Which tanks provide fuel for suction feed to the engines?
    Tanks 1 and 2
  2. Fuel tanks 1 and 2 have bypass valves. What is the function of these valves?
    Allows engines to suction feed fuel from tanks 1 and 2 when all boost pump pressure is lost.
  3. The main fuel shutoff valve, located in the fuel line going to the engine pylon is_______.
    Operated by a DC motor to open or close.
  4. What is the normal function of the fuel crossfeed valve?
    Provides a means to supply fuel from any tank to either engine.
  5. TRUE or FALSE

    The fuel crossfeed valve has a DC motor operated from the Battery bus.
  6. What assures center tank fuel is used before main tank fuel with all the fuel boost pumps operating?
    Center tank check valves open at a lower pressure than the main tank check valves.
  7. What is the function of the fuel tank vent system?
    Prevents negative or positive pressure buildup from damaging the fuel tank.
  8. Which statement is correct regarding the fuel temperature indicator?
    It uses AC electrical power, sensor in No.1 main tank.
  9. Where is the manual defueling valve located?
    Outboard of the #2 engine
  10. The planned lateral fuel imbalance is zero. What is the maximum fuel imbalance limit between tanks #1 and #2 for taxi, takeoff and flight.
    1,000 lbs
  11. Maximum tank fuel temperature is:
    +49 degrees C
  12. TRUE or FALSE

    With no AC power on the GENERATOR BUSES, center tank fuel is no longer useable.
  13. TRUE or FALSE

    The #1 tank fuel pump LOW PRESSURE lights illuminate when the fuel pump switches are off and the aircraft buses are powered.
  14. The fuel crossfeed valve should be in what position for takeoff and landing?
  15. How many fuel dripsticks are installed to check center tank fuel?
  16. Can the B737 dump fuel?
  17. What is the minimum inflight fuel temperature if the freezing point of the fuel is -53 degrees C?
    -45 degrees C
  18. The fuel shutoff valve at the engine pylon is controlled by _____.
    The fire switch or the start lever.
  19. How can both engines be supplied fuel from the center tank if only the right center tank boost pump is operating?
    Open the crossfeed valve
  20. What is the maximum tank fuel temperature?
    49 degrees C
  21. Maximum lateral fuel imbalance between wing tanks 1 and 2 must not exceed:
    1,000 lbs
  22. TRUE or FALSE

    Fuel crossfeed valve position may be OPEN for takeoff and landing.
    FALSE. Must be CLOSED for takeoff and landing.
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