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  1. Which reservior is the standby hydraulic system connected to?
    Connected to "B" system reservior.
  2. TRUE or FALSE

    A leak in the number two engine driven hydraulic pump will drain the B system reservoir to empty.
    FALSE. eng pump leaks will NEVER drain to empty
  3. What would be the first indication of a leak in the Standby Hydraulic system?
    System B quantity decreases
  4. During cruise at FL310, the pilots notice that the brake pressure read 0 psi. System B pressure is 300 psi and system B quantity is full. What is the problem?
    The brake accumulator pre-charge has leaked out.
  5. How is hydraulic fluid cooled?
    Heat exchangers in the resprective main fuel tank.
  6. What occurs when a fire switch is pulled?
    Shuts off hydraulic fluid supply to respective engine driven pump.
  7. What would extinguish (disarm) a number one engine driven hydraulic pump LOW PRESSURE light?
    Pulling the respective fire switch
  8. Which hydraulic system powers the alternate brakes for all main wheels?
    A hydraulic system
  9. What hydraulic system are normal brakes operated by?
    B hydraulic system
  10. What does an illuminated single hydraulic pump LOW PRESSURE light indicate?
    The pump output pressure is below acceptable limits.
  11. What does an illuminated single hydraulic OVERHEAT light indicate?
    Electric pump overheat
  12. When is the STANDBY HYD LOW QUANTITY light armed?
    Whenever the aircraft electrical buses are powered.
  13. When is the STANDBY HYD LOW PRESSURE light armed?
    When electric power is supplied to the standby pump.
  14. When performing the Standby Rudder check (crew option), what occurs when the B FLT CONTROL switch is placed to OFF?
    The B system flight control valve closes and B system pressure is isolated from the primary flight controls.
  15. What occurs when the B FLT CONTROL switch is placed from OFF to STBY RUD position?
    The Standby System hydraulic pump starts

    The Standby Rudder Shutoff Valve opens

    The System B pressure to the flight controls remains isolated
  16. After placing a FLT CONTROL switch to STBY RUDDER, how is the open position of the standby rudder shutoff valve indicated?
    The respective FLT CONTROL LOW PRESSURE light extinguishes.
  17. When does the standy pump activate automatically?
    Loss of A or B system pressure with flaps extended while airborne or on the ground with wheel shpped greater than 60 knots.
  18. Which action turns on the STANDBY HYD pump?
    ALTERNATE FLAP master switch placed to ARM position.
  19. The Power Transfer Unit provides a backup source of hydraulic pressure (power) to operate:
    Leading edge flaps and slats
  20. The electric hydraulic pumps of system A and B are equipped with thermal switches. What is the cockpit indication when a pump thermal switch activates?
    The respective OVERHEAT light illuminates.
  21. The Auto Slat system is normally powered by:
    Hydraulic system B
  22. Pulling the #2 Fire Switch:
    Shuts off fluid to the engine driven hydraulic pump in System B.
  23. A standby system hydraulic leak is first indicated by:
    A decrease in B quantity indication.
  24. System A electric hydraulic pump is powered by which electrical power source?
    Gen bus #2
  25. The Standy Hydraulic System provides hydraulic power to the:
    Rudder, thrust reversers, and leading edge devices.
  26. The normal brake system is powered by:
    Hydraulic system B
  27. What is the minimum fuel quantity in each wind tank for operation of electric hydraulic pumpls on the ground?
    1676 lbs
  28. The Standby system hydraulic pump is driven by:
    An electric motor
  29. The Power Transfer Unit is driven by:
    Hydraulic pressure from system A
  30. Which hydraulic system pumpls must be turned OFF during pushback if the nosewheel steering bypass pin is not installed?
    System A
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