Lab 6

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  1. What are the apomorphies of Panarthropoda?
  2. What are the apomorphies of Tardigrada?
    • 4 pairs of short, uniramous legs
    • Protocerebrum with neural connection to ganglion of first legs
    • Sucking pharynx
    • Eutelic: fixed number of cells when maturity reached
    • Body consists of head + 4 trunk segments
    • Anteriormost appendages vestigial
    • Stylet: probe
  3. What are the apomorphies of Onycophora?
    • Stubby appendages without articulations
    • Tracaea tufted and unbranched
    • Multiple nerve commisures per segment
    • Oral papillae with slime gland
    • Body wall muscles in continuous sheets
  4. What are the apomorphies of Arthopoda?
    • Aticulated exoskeleton formed of plates
    • Jointed appendages
    • Sheets of muscles replaced by individual muscles
    • Head with acron plus five segments
    • One pair of pre-oral antennau plus 3 additional appendages
    • One pair of lateral compound eyes
    • Four pairs of median ocelli
    • Six pais of saccate nephridia
    • Larvae with three pairs of appendages
  5. What are the apomorphies of Phyllopodomorpha?
    • Compound eyes are stalked
    • Fine particulates filtered from open water
  6. What are the apomorphies of Anostraca?
    • No carapace - hard upper shell
    • Stalked compound eyes
    • Turgor appendages
    • Thoracic appendages are phyllopodous
    • Suspension feeders/bottom scrapers
    • Little regional specialization
  7. What are the apomorphies of Phyllopoda?
    • Sessile eye compound is sunken below surface of head Eye has extrinsic muscles and is movable
    • About 30 thoracopods
  8. What are the apomorphies of Malacostraca?
    • Multiramous 1st antennae
    • 5 head segments
    • 15 trunk segments (8 thoracic, 7 abdomen)
    • Uropod: forms part of tail fin
    • Carpace does not enclose limbs, stomach
  9. What are the apomorphies of Decopoda?
    • Carpace covers and fuses with all thoracomeres
    • Cephalothorax includes three thoracomeres
    • Abdomen well developed in primitive forms (shrimp, lobster) and reduced/vestigial in more advanced forms (crab)
  10. What are the apomorphies of Peracarida?
    Ventral marsupium composed of oostegites; direct development
  11. What are the apomorphies of Maxillopoda?
    • Max 10 trunk segments + a telson and furca
    • Max 7 thoracic segments
    • Appendages are resticted to the thoracic segments
    • Abdomen had 3 appendageless sements
    • Short, ovoid heart
    • Naupliar eye has three pigment cup ocelli
  12. What are the apomorphies of Copepoda?
    • Cephalothorax composed of head and first thoracomere
    • First thoracopod is a maxilliped
    • Male antennae 2 are prehensile
    • Sppermatophores present
    • Female has seminal receptacle
    • Eggs enclosed in a secreted egg sac
  13. What are the apomorphies of Cirripedia?
    • Nauplius larva have glandular frontal horns and a caudal spine
    • Cypris larva
    • Adult fiter feeds
    • Abdomen is lost
    • Specialized filiform sperm
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