Informed Surgical Consent

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  1. If an adult patient is illiterate, how is the consent form signed?
    Patient marks an X
  2. The ultimate responsibility of obtaining the general consent belongs to the:
  3. The patient has withdrawn the general consent prior to surgery. What action should be taken?
    Do not transport patient; inform surgeon
  4. In which of the following situations will the patient not be allowed to sign the consent for surgery?
    Patient received preoperative medications
  5. A patient signs a consent for surgery but does not speak English & does not fully understand what he/she signed. Surgery on the patient could constitute a liability case for:
    Assult & battery
  6. A general consent form:
    Authorizes all routine treatments or procedures
  7. A minor requires emergency surgery, but the parents or closest living relatives cannot be contacted. What procedure should be followed for securing a consent for surgery?
    Two consulting physicians agree

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Informed Surgical Consent
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Informed Surgical Consent

Preoperative Patient Care-Informed Surgical Consent
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