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  1. Why did the colonist fight the British?
    • Because of high taxes
    • taxation without representation
    • british army stayed in their houses (hoarding)
  2. Who makes federal laws?
    • Congress, Senate, House of Representatives
    • US or National Legislature
  3. What stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful?
    • Checks and Balances
    • Separation of Powers
  4. What is an Amendment?
    • A change to the Constitution
    • An addition to the Constitution
  5. Who is one of your State's US Senators Now?
    • Tom Udall
    • Jeff Bingaman
  6. What are two cabinet level positions?
    • Secretary of Agriculture
    • Secretary of Defense
    • Secretary of Energy
    • Secretary of Homeland Security
  7. Who was president during WW1
    Woodrow Wilson
  8. Name your US Representative
    • Martin Heinrich
    • Steve Pearce
    • Ben Lujan
  9. When was the Constitution Written?
  10. What major event happened on 9/11
    Terrorists attacked the United States
  11. What is one responsibility that is only for United States Citizens
    • Serve on a Jury
    • Vote in a Federal Election
  12. What is the Economic System in the United States
    • Capitalist Economy
    • Market Economy
  13. What is one right or freedom fromt the 1st amendement?
    • Speech
    • Religion
    • Assembly
    • Press
  14. How many amendements does the constitution have?
  15. What are 2 rights in the Declaration of Independence?
    • Life
    • Liberty
    • Pursuit of Happiness
  16. What is the Rule of Law?
    • Everyone must follow the Law
    • Leaders must Obey the Law
    • Government must obey the law
    • Noone is above the Law
  17. Name one Branch or part of the Government
    • Congress
    • Legislative
    • President
    • Judicial
    • the Courts
  18. What are the 2 parts of the US Congress
    Senate & House of Representatives
  19. What does the judicial branch do?
    • Reviews laws
    • Explains laws
    • Resolves disputes
  20. How many Justices are on the Supreme Court?
  21. What is one Power of the Federal Government?
    • To print money
    • To declare war
  22. What is one power of the state's
    • Provide schooling and education
    • Provide Safety police,fire department
  23. Name one right only for united states citizens
    • Vote in a federal election
    • Run for federal office
  24. What are two rights of eveyone living in the United States
    • Freedom of Speech
    • Feedom of Assembly
    • Right to bare Arms
  25. What are two ways that americans can participate in bare democracy
    • Vote
    • Join a political party
    • Help with a campaign
    • Run for Office
    • Write to a newspaper
  26. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson
  27. When was the declaration of Independence adopted
    July 4th 1776
  28. The federalist paper supported the passage of the US constitution. Name one of the writers
    • James Madison
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • John Jay
  29. What is 1 thing Benjamin franklin is famous for?
    • US diplomat
    • Oldest member of the Constitutional convention
    • First Postmaster general of the US
  30. Name one problem that led to the civil war
    • Slavery
    • Economic reason
    • States rights
  31. Who fought for women's rights, and civil rights?
    Susan b Anthony
  32. Who was President during the Great Depression and WWII
    Franklin Roosevelt
  33. Who did the US fight in WWII
    • Japan
    • Germany
    • Italy
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