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  1. the next day
    le landemain
  2. the week after
    le semaine d'apres
  3. the month after
    le mois d'apres
  4. the year after
    l'anee d'apres
  5. the day of
    ce jour-la
  6. the morning of
    ce matin-la
  7. the afternoon of
    cet apres-midi-la
  8. the evening of
    ce soir-la
  9. the month of
    ce mois-la
  10. the year of
    cette annee-la
  11. the night of
    ce soir-la
  12. the afternoon of
    cet apres-midi-la
  13. the past
    la vielle
  14. that day
    ce jour-la
  15. today
  16. this morning
    • ce matin
    • this afternoon
    • cet apres-midi
  17. this evening - ce soir
  18. yesterday morning
    hier matin
  19. yesterday night
    hier soir
  20. the year before (this one, talking about the present)
    l'anee derniere
  21. the month before this one, talking in the present
    le mois dernier
  22. the month following this one , talking in the present
    le mois prochaine
  23. the week following this one, talking in the present
    le semaine prochaine
  24. the year following this one, talking in the present
    l'anee prochaine
  25. this month, talking about the present
    ce mois-ci
  26. this year, speaking in the present
    cette annee
  27. tomorrow morning, noon and night, using the present tense
    • demain matin
    • demain apres midi
    • demain soir
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french time terminology phrases le temps

french le temps, time. descriptions of past present and future, using two lenses: 1. present day 2. talking generally about the future or the past
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