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  1. Sepsis
    The presence of a toxin or pathogenic organism in blood and tissue
  2. Sterilization
    The removal of all microorganisms, including endospores
  3. Sanitization
    The removal of microbes from eating utensils and food preparation areas
  4. Biocide/Germicide
    A substance capable of killing microorganisms
  5. Disinfection
    Any treatment used on inanimate objects to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms; a chemical used is called a disinfectant.
  6. Thermal Death Point (TDP)
    The temperature required to kill all the bacteria in a liquid culture in 10 minutes
  7. Thermal Death Time (TDT)
    The length of time required to kill all bacteria in a liquid culture at a given temperature
  8. Asepsis
    The absence of contamination by unwanted organisms
  9. Bacteriostatic
    A treatment capable of inhibiting bacterial growth without killing the bacteria
  10. Bacteriostasis
    A state in which bacterial growth is inhibited without the bacteria being killed
  11. Desiccation
    The removal of water
  12. Tolnaftate
    • 1. Antifungal drug
    • 2. Unknown mode of action
    • 3. Used to treat athlete's foot
  13. Azoles
    • 1. Antifungal drug
    • 2. Inhibits plasma membrane synthesis
  14. Rifamycins
    • 1. Inhibits mRNA synthesis
    • 2. Used to treat tuberculosis
  15. Tetracycline
    1. Inhibits protein synthesis
  16. Flucytosine
    • 1. Inhibits RNA synthesis of cell wall components
    • 2. Used against systemic fungal infections
  17. Sulfonamides
    1. Inhibits synthesis of essential metabolites
  18. Polymyxin B
    • 1. Destroys plasma membrane
    • 2. Topical use against G- bacteria
  19. Chloramphynicol
    1. Inhibits protein synthesis
  20. Penicillin G
    • 1. Inhibits cell wall synthesis
    • 2. Natural penicillin
    • 3. Used agains G+ bacteria
    • 4. Requires injection
  21. Fluconazole
    1. Used against systemic fungal infections
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