Surgical Instruments

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  1. A biopsy punch is an instrument that:
  2. What is the name of the instrument part located between the boxlock & finger rings?
  3. Which of the following surgical instruments is a self-retaining retractor?
  4. Which of the following retractors would NOT be found in a major orthopedic instrument set?
  5. What type of instrument is a Lowman?
    Bone-holding clamp
  6. A Joesph elevator is used in _____ procedures.
  7. An Allen clamp is used for _____ surgery.
  8. Which of the following suturing forceps are commonly used during ophthalmic procedures?
  9. Which of the following instruments would be found in a gastrointestinal setup?
    Doyen forceps
  10. Image Upload 1
    On which set would this instrument be found?
    Tonsillectomy set
  11. Image Upload 2
    Name this instrument that is used during vaginal procedures.
    Hank uterine dilator
  12. This forceps is called:
    Brown tissue forceps
  13. Name this instrument that is used to grasp tendon & muscle.
    Kocher forceps
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    Name this instrument that is used to retract the abdomen.
  15. Image Upload 4
    Name this instrument that is used during rectal procedures.
    Hill-Fegurson retractor
  16. Name this instrument that is used to cut bone.
    Lambotte osteotome
  17. Image Upload 5
    Name this instrument that is used for clamping the vena cava.
    Satinsky vascular clamp
  18. Image Upload 6
    Name this suction tube.
  19. Image Upload 7
    Name this instrument that is used during thoracic procedures.
    Davidson scapula retractor
  20. Image Upload 8
    Name this instrument that is used during an open gallbladder procedure.
    Mayo gall stone scoop
  21. Image Upload 9
    Green retractor
  22. Image Upload 10
    Orthopedic set; Lowman bone clamp
  23. Image Upload 11
    Rectal set; Pennington tissue forceps
  24. Image Upload 12
    Grasp the thyroid; Lahey traction forceps
  25. Image Upload 13
    Cut delicate tissue; Stevens tenotomy scissors
  26. Image Upload 14
  27. Image Upload 15
    Ophthalmic set; Castroviejo needle driver
  28. Image Upload 16
  29. Image Upload 17
  30. Image Upload 18
    Intestinal set; Allen clamp
  31. Image Upload 19Image Upload 20
    Orthopedic set; Key periosteal elevator & Bennett retractor
  32. Image Upload 21
    Allison lung retractor
  33. Image Upload 22
    Grasp & clamp uterus in hysterectomy; Heaney forceps
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