Psych-155 Exam2

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  1. Extinction
    Nonreinforcement of a previosuly reinforced response, the result of which is a decrease in the strenght of that response

    -Procedure & Process
  2. Procedure and Process of Extinction
    • Procedure of extinction is the non-reinforcement of a previously reinforced response; the
    • Process of extinction is the
    • resultant decrease in response strength
  3. Extinction Burst
    A temporary increase in the frequency and intensity of responding when extinction is first implemented
  4. Increase in Variablity
    An increase in the variablity of a behavior
  5. Emotional Behavior
    Extinction is often accompanied by emotional behavior
  6. Aggression
    Type of emotional behavior that is particularly common during an exctintion procedure
  7. Resurgance
    Reappearance during extinction of other behaviors that had once been effective in obtaining reinforcement
  8. Depression
    Extinction can also lead to depressive-like symptoms
  9. Resistance to Extinction
    The extent to which responding persists after an extinction procedure has been implemented

    • -Schedule of Reinforcement
    • -History of Reinforcement
    • -Magnitude of the Reinforcement
    • -Degree of Deprivation
    • -Previous Experience with Extinction
    • -Distinctive Signal for Extinction
  10. Partial Reinforcement Effect
    Behavior that has been maintained on an intermittent (partial) schedule of reinforcement will extinguish more slowly than behavior that has been maintained on a continuous schedule
  11. Spontaneous Recovery
    The reappearance of an extinguished response following a rest period after extinction
  12. Stimulus Control
    The presence of a discriminative stimulus reliably affects the probability of the behavior
  13. Stimulus Generalization
    Tendency for an operant response to be emitted in the presence of a stimulus that is similar to an SD
  14. Generalization Gradient
    Graphic description of the strenght of responding in the presence of stimuli that are similar to the SD and that vary along a continuum
  15. Discrimination Training
    Involves reinforcement of responding in the presence of one stimulus (SD) and not another
  16. Multiple Schedule
    Consist of two or more independent schedules presented in sequence, each resulting in reinforcement and each having a distinctive SD
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Extinction and Stimulus Control
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