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  1. Nationalists
    people who believe that people of a single nationality should unite under a single government
  2. Goal of Nationalists
    Create a Nation-State
  3. Bonds that create a nation state
    • nationality
    • religion
    • language
    • culture
    • history
    • territory
  4. Main Idea
    In the Late 1800s, Otto von Bismarck transformed Germany from a loose confederation of separate states in to a powerful nation
  5. The German Confederation
    • Formed in 1815 at the Congress of Vienna, replacing the Holy Roman Empire
    • Loose confederation/political association of 39 states
    • Two largest states dominating the confederation
    • Prussia
    • Austro-Hungarian Empire/ Austrian Empire
  6. Austrian Prussian Rivalry
    • Multinational Empire
    • Major power in Europe
    • Dealing with issues in Italy (Venetia and Lombardy)
    • Wars with France, Italy, and Prussia
  7. Prussia
    • Primarily German Population
    • Powerful Army
    • Authoritarian Government-- strong king
  8. The German Revolution of 1848
    • Liberal rioters in Berlin
    • Results in the Frankfurt Parliament
    • Desire for a unified Germany grows
    • Austria opposes centralized government in Germany
    • Prussian King was offered the crown of a unified German Empire
    • Democratic reforms do not extend to Prussia, however
  9. What was the Basis for German Nationalism
    • Germany language
    • 1834: the Zollverein was created
    • Cultural unity
  10. Setting th eStage for German Unification
    • Revolution of 1848
    • Liberal revolution
    • Desire for German Unification grows
    • Promise of Reforms in Prussia
    • Promise of liberal reforms in government
    • Creation of the Zollverein
    • Created economic alliance between all German states
    • Bismarck was Prime Minister of Prussia 1862-1890
    • Became chancellor of Northern German Confederation in 1867
  11. Bismarck
    • "The Iron Chancellor"
    • "The less people know about how laws and sausages are made the better they'll sleep at night"
  12. Bismarck's Philosophy
    • Not liberal like revolutionaries; conservative, supported king of Prussia
    • Believed Prussia destined to lead German people to unification
    • Praciticed Realpolitik
    • Using "bloo and iron" to gain German unification
    • builds up Prussian army
  13. Steps to German Unification
    • Bismarck becomes Prime Minister and begins and administering a policy based on Real politik
    • Danish War
    • Austro Prussian War
    • Creation of the Northern German confederation
    • Ems Displatch, catalyst for war
    • Franco Prussian War
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