Clinical terms

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  1. Dysentery
    Intestinal infection, caused by viruses, bacteria, or protozoan, that causes diarrhea and cramps.
  2. Dyspepsia
    Indigestion; difficulty in digesting a meal.
  3. Dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing.
  4. Enteritis
    Inflammation of the intestine.
  5. Esophagitis
    Inflammation of the esophagus
  6. Gastrectomy
    Partial or complete removal of the stomach.
  7. Gastrostomy
    The creation of an opening in the stomach wall through which food and liquids may be administered when swallowing is not possible. (G-tube)
  8. Glossitis
    Inflammation of the tongue.
  9. Ileus
    Obstruction of the intestine due to an inhibition of motility or a mechanical cause
  10. Ileitis
    Inflammation of the ileum.
  11. Pharyngitis
    Inflammation of the pharynx.
  12. Pylorospasm
    Spasm of the pyloric portion of the stomach or the pyloric sphincter.
  13. Pyorrhea
    Inflammation of the dental periosteum with pus formation.
  14. Stomatitis
    Inflammation of the lining of the mouth.
  15. Cholelithiasis
    Stones in the gallbladder.
  16. Cholestasis
    Blockage in bile flow from the gallbladder
  17. Cirrhosis
    Liver condition in which the hepatic cells degenerate and surrounding connective tissues thicken.
  18. Diverticulitis
    Inflammation on small pouches (diverticula) that form the lining and the wall of the colon.
  19. Dumping syndrome
    Symptoms including diarrhea, that often occur following a gastrectomy.
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