Heart Review II

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  1. Give an example of skeletal muscle pump importance to venus return
    pg 17 of Study guide

    Decreased venus return to heart, low cardiac output, less blood to brain, pass out
  2. Give an example of how breathing effect venus return
    • Valsalva maneuver; forced expiration on closed glottis-
    • puts a lot of pressure in thoracic cavity nad it closes the great veins off so there is no venus return to heart and no cardiac output to brain
  3. Plasma osmolaility
    Increase dehydration causes it to____
    Increase salt ingestion causes to ____
    Plasma osmolality/osmolarity measures the body's electrolyte-water balance
  4. Draw the negative feedback control of blood volume and blood osmolaility
    • Dehydration and salt ingestion---> increase osmolaility
    • detected by the osmorepector in hypothalamus
    • 1. It'll create the sensation of thirst, drink more water, decrease osmolaility, increase blood volume
    • 2. It'll send info to post. pituitary to secrete ADH, which increase water retention from kidney, decrease osmolaility, increase blood volume
  5. Factors that influence arterial blood pressure
    • Heart actions
    • 1. Stroke volume
    • 2. Cardiac output
    • Resting conditions
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