Classical Genetics

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  1. In humans, females are normally determined by what chromosome arrangement?
  2. How would you describe an organism that is Tt?
    Heterozygous or hybrid
  3. Individuals with an extra chromosome result when chromosomes fail to separate during meiosis, this is called
  4. If a trait is not evident in the parents and it shows up in the offspring, the trait must be
  5. When short pea plants (tt) are mated with tall pea plants (TT) only tall pea plants are produced. This illustrates the principal of
  6. If an indiviual corn plant is Rr for a trait, how many different kinds of sperm can be produced for this trait only,
  7. What are the possible genotypes for an individual with Type A Blood?
    AA or AO
  8. An individual with trisomy 21 has what disorder?
    Down's syndrome
  9. A diagram that traces inheritance through several generations of a family is called a
    pedigree chart
  10. If a cell has 44 chromosoems and it goes through meiosis, how mnay chromosomes will the resulting cells have?
  11. A student describes eye color as blue. Blue describes the organisms ___________________.
  12. A student describes someone's eye color as BB. The students is describing the person's _________________
  13. Give an example of a sex-linked trait
    Hemophilia, color blindness, muscular dystrophy
  14. How can you tell if a pedigree chart shows a sex-linked trait?
    More boys have the disorder than girls
  15. How can you tell if a pedigree chart shows a recessive trait?
    The trait skips generations
  16. Give an example of a 2n+1 mutation
    • Trisomy 21 or
    • XXY Kleinfelter's Syndrome
  17. Give an example of a 2n-1disorder.
    XO Turner's syndrome
  18. What type of cells are made during meiosis?
    sperm or egg
  19. How can you tell you are looking at a male in a pedigree chart?
    It is a square
  20. In order to see the recessive trait, how many copies of the recessive allele must be present?
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