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  1. Organisms that are well likely to...
    • -survive and reproduce
    • -pass on those favorable traits to their offspring
  2. Fossil record
    -can show how structures change/transition overtime
  3. mitosis
    produces identical cells with identical # of DNA )chromosomes)
  4. homologous structures
    -show common ancestry
  5. mutation (change in genes) can cause...
    increase in diversity (differences) of that species
  6. when a population becomes limited in their genetic variation
    -less likely to be able to adapt to a changes environment may die out
  7. if animals are seperated (ex. different island) over time it could cause...
    • -organisms cant interbreed, gene flow is limited
    • -may to evolve into different dpecies
  8. sexual vs asexual
    sexual: genetically different offspring, takes place only at certian times, haploid cells

    Asexual reproduction: genetically identical, takes place although out and organism life, diploid cells
  9. meiosis
    • -making sex cells (haploid)
    • -each with a half set of chomosomes
    • -sexual reproduction
  10. DNA replication is important so that...
    all calls have a complete set of identical genes
  11. mendels law of segragation says...
    alleles (genes) seperate when gametes form
  12. in human evolution homo sapiens have evolved to have
    larger skulls/breains that our ancestory
  13. cancer
    uncontrolled cell division (unregulated mitosis)
  14. mutation in gametes (sex cells)....
    can be passed out on to offspring
  15. genetically modified cropscould lead to...
    decrease in genetic diversity in the crops
  16. bacteria can be used to produce human protiens (insulin) because...
    we have similar DNA
  17. the more genes a species have in common the more closely they are...
  18. parts of the brain
    • -frontal lobe
    • -parietal lobe
    • -temporal lobe
    • -occipital lobe
  19. occurs during mitosis, cell division
    cyto kinesis (when the cytoplasm "pinches off"
  20. chemical evolution
    -must start with the synthesis making of organic molecules
  21. codominance
    • -both traits are expressed at the same time
    • -ex. 2 colors on a cat, 2 patterns on a flower petal
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