Theory Med. Specialists

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  1. Audiologist
    Works with people who have hearing problems by using testing devices to measure hearing loss
  2. Blood Bank Technologist
    Collects, types and prepares blood and its components for transfusions and lab tests
  3. Clinical Lab Technologist
    Performs tests to examine and analyze body fluids, tissues, and cells
  4. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
    Performs diagnostic ultrasound procedures
  5. Dietician/nutritionist
    Plans nutrition programs and supervises the preparation and serving of meals
  6. ECG Technician
    Operates an electrocardiograph to record ECGs and for Holter monitoring and stress tests
  7. Emergency Medical Technician
    Gives immediate care and transports sick or injured to medical facilities
  8. Health Information Management Professional
    Designs, manages, and administers the use of health care data and information
  9. Home Health Aide
    Cares for elderly, disabled, and ill persons in their own homes, helping them to live there instead of in an institution
  10. LPN
    Cares for sick, injured, convalescing, and handicapped persons, under the direct supervision of physicians and RNs; provides basic bed side care
  11. Medical Assistant
    Helps physicians examine and treat patients and performs tasks to keep offices running smoothly
  12. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
    Performs radioactive tests and procedures under the supervision of a nuclear medicine physician, who interprets the results
  13. Nurse Anesthetist
    Aids in the delivery of anesthesia during surgery
  14. Nursing Aide
    Helps care for physically or mentally ill, injures, or disabled patients confined to nursing, hospital, or residential care facilities
  15. Occupational Therapist
    Helps people with mentally, physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabling conditions to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and working skills
  16. Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Under the direction of an occupational therapist, the OTA works with the patients to restore or enhance activities of daily living
  17. Pharmacy Technician
    Under the direction of licensed pharmacists, dispenses, distributes, and administers medications prescribed
  18. Phlebotomist
    Draws and tests blood under the supervision of a medical technologist or laboratory manager
  19. Physical Therapist
    Improves mobility, relieves pain, and prevents or limits permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease
  20. Physical Therapy Assistant
    Under the direction of a physical therapist, works with patients to improve mobility
  21. Physician Assistant
    Examines, diagnoses, and treats patients under the direct supervision of a physician
  22. Radiation Therapist
    Prepares cancer patients for treatment and examinations, and administers medications
  23. Radiographer/radiologic technologist
    Produces x-ray images of parts of the body for use in diagnosing medical problems
  24. Registered Nurse
    Cares for sick and injures people by assessing and recording symptoms, assisting physicians during treatments and examinations, and administering medications
  25. Respiratory Therapist
    Evaluates, treats, and cares for patients with breathing disorders
  26. Speech-language Pathologist
    Assesses and treats persons with speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders
  27. Surgical Technologist
    Assists in operations under the supervision of surgeons or registered nurses
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