social psychology

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  1. social psychology-
    scientific study of how ppl's thoughts n feelings influence their behavior toward others
  2. self concept-
    thoughts, feelings, n beliefs we have about who we are
  3. social comparison-
    argues that self-evaulation is based on those that can be answered by objective measurements, and those that cant
  4. reference groups-
    categories of ppl you feel you belong to and often compare urself to
  5. downward social comparison
    comparing yourself to others who arent as good
  6. upward social comparison
    comparing yourself to others who are doing much better than they are
  7. terror management theory
    humans are the only creatures capable of thinking about the future
  8. personal identity vs social identity
    • -set of characteristics that make u unique
    • -part of the self concept that results from beleifs bout groups u belong
  9. attribution
    process we use to explain the causes of behavior
  10. fundamental attribution error
    tendency to over attribute others behavior to internal factors
  11. stereotypes
    impressions of whole groups
  12. prejudice
    pos or neg evaluation of an individual based on their group
  13. discrimination
    differeintial treatment of members of diff groups
  14. authoritarianism
    personality trait that makes a person more likely to be prejudiced
  15. 3 sales techniques;
    • -foot in the door; small requets followed by larger requests
    • -door in the face;large request followed by a small request
    • -lowball; an initial request escalated after agreed to but before it can be fulfilled
  16. honeymoon phase
    differences btw old n new culture
  17. negotiation phase
    anxiety , frustration
  18. adjustment phase
    growing accustomed; getting used to the new culture
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