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  1. unanimity
    completely agreement
  2. unilateral
    arbitrary, one-sided, relating to only one side or part
  3. Monarchy
    a state ruled by king,queen, or emperor
  4. monopoly
    exclusive possession or control
  5. bilingual
    having or speaking two languages
  6. bipartisan
    supported by members of two parties
  7. dilemma
    difficult choice between equally bad things
  8. duplicity
    betrayal, deceit, double-dealing
  9. trilogy
    a group of three works, such as books, plays, movies, or stories
  10. trivial
    unimportant, silly
  11. decade
    a ten-year period
  12. decimate
    to destory or kill a large part of
  13. centennial
    one-hundred year anniversary, a period of one hundred years
  14. centigrade
    refeering to a temperature scale based on 100 degrees
  15. ambiguous
    not clear, having two more meanings
  16. ambivalent
    having mixed or conflicting feelings
  17. annals
    a written record of events, especially those kept on a yearly basis
  18. perennial
    occuring again and agian, constant, lasting for a long time
  19. disintegrate
    to seprate into small part, to become worse, to go wrong, decay
  20. integrity
    honesty, good moral character
  21. magnanimous
    noble, above revenge or resentment, forgiving of insluts
  22. magnitude
    greatness of size or importance
  23. metric
    referring to a measurement system based on grams and meters
  24. symmetrical
    balanced in physical size, or form
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