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  1. Longest reigning British monarch, last great monarch before political parties took over
    Queen Victoria
  2. Son of converted jew, Radical Tory, 2nd reform bill, PRIME Minister of England
    Benjamin Disraeli
  3. Liberal Reformer, introduced the secret ballot
    William Gladstone
  4. The Great Antagonists
    Disraeli andGladstone
  5. Would have placed Protestants under catholic rule in Ireland, WWI Postponed this
    Irish Question
  6. Republican president of France
    Jules Grevy
  7. Accused of selling war plans to Germany, court martialed
    Captain Dreyfus
  8. Brilliant but unstable, Fired Bismarck, Led industrial military monarchy
    Kaiser William II
  9. MAde anti-Semitism socially acceptable in Germany
    Farmer's League
  10. Led to a palace coup, personally interrogated the surviving leaders,"Thought crimes"
    Nicholas I
  11. Freed serfs, with limitations
    Emancipation Edict
  12. Group that hunted down and killed Tsar
    Narodnaya Volya
  13. Vladimor Ilytich Ulyanov, created a new king of organization the 20th century one party state
    V.I. Lenin
  14. Russian state was the patron of Slavs everywhere
    Pan Slavism
  15. "Men of the majority", professional revolutionaries, Split the Russian Social Democratic party, ESSAY QUESTION
  16. Struck bargain with Hungary to prepare for war of revenge against Prussia
    Emerpr Francis Joseph Austria
  17. Italian Prime minister, Greatest of Cavour's successors, attempted gradual reforms, opposed by Socialist Benito Mussolini
    Giovanni Giolitti
  18. Propogated Darwinism in Germany, abolished any distinction between humanity and nature, Called the cult "monism"
    Ernst Haeckel
  19. Humanity must live in harmony with "the laws of nature", Chief of the laws was natrual selection
  20. Last great German philospher of the 19th century, Power is the central human lust, nationalist, anti-Semitist
    Friedrich Nietzsche
  21. attempt to understand human mind, Sex is the central of human lust
    Sigmund Freud
  22. A crash rearmament program launched by the British to keep up with the Germans
    Naval Defense Act
  23. Treaty made by Bismarck, Germany-Austria-Italy triangle
    Triple Alliance
  24. Prophesied an American empire, Build battle fleets and seize overseas bases and colonies
    Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan
  25. Barbed-wire-open-air prisons for the Boers to keep them from supplying the guerillas
    Concentration Camps
  26. Yellow Journalism, Explosion of Maine in Havan Harbor, War between Span and America, Strated with the Phillipines, ended with US receiving Guam, Phillipines, and Puerto Rico
    Spanish American War
  27. Leader of the dashing "Rough Riders, built Panama Canal
    Theodore Roosevelt
  28. Crushed the Spanish fleet in the Phillippines
    Commodore George Dewey
  29. McKinley's Secretary of State, urged the powere to preserve an "Open Door" to trade and to respect China's territorial integrity
    John Hay
  30. Founder of Japan's modern army, demanded war to stop Russia from seizing Korea
    Yamagate Aritomo
  31. Peace between Russia and Japan, negotiated by T. Roosevelt
    Treaty of Portsmouth
  32. Wily Reich naval official, convinced the Reichstag of need for battle fleet
    Admiral Alfred Tirpitz
  33. Civilian chief of the navy after 1911, called the Med fleet home to the North Sea to face William II's Germany, Promised to protect French coast
    Sir Winston Churchill
  34. German chief of the Great Staff, Developed plan for a two front war, planned to strike France first
    Count Alfred von Schlieffen
  35. Nephew of the great Moltke, urged war, "sooner the better"
    Helmuth von Moltke
  36. "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them again in our lifetime"
    Sir Edward grey
  37. Joined France at the Belgian-French border,
    120,000 professional forces made the price of German victories very high
    “Friction”, remarkably accurate in marksmanship
    BEF British Expeditionary Force
  38. Taxied French men to war, over 2 million men fought at the battle of the Marne, over 500000 people killed or wounded, French casualties lost 250,000, 80,000 dead, British only 1100 dead, German 250,000 casualties
    Battle of the Marne
  39. 5 months into the war there were a million dead or wounded, French 900,000 dead or wounded, Moltke’s replacement, “Race to the sea” = a “massacre of the innocents”
    Erich von Falkenhayn
  40. Previously retired German General, Crushed the Russian armies on the Eastern Front
    Paul von Hindenburg
  41. Allied Leadership
    • Britain- Lloyd George,
    • France - Clemenceau,
    • Italy - Orlando,
    • US - Wilson
  42. Germans attacked at the hinge of the French line with heavy artillery fire,French dead: 377,000, German Dead: 337,000 Brought Russia to France’s rescue
  43. Re-election slogan of 1916 - “He kept us out of the war”, Despite U-boat attacks on merchant liners, Wilson did not want to enter the war
    President Woodrow Wilson
  44. German Reich Secretary, Telegraphed Mexico plan to give them American Southwest for Mexican aid, British intercepted deciphered, and delivered Zimmermann’s note to Wilson
    Arthur Zimmermann
  45. The United States joins WWI, Wilson addresses congress: “The world must be safe for democracy”
    April 2nd 1917
  46. Seized Power - Bolshevik Revolution, Institutionalized Terror Killed Tsar Nicholas II and his family, Secured an armistice with Germany, Implemented Socialism
    Lenin returns to Russia, 1917
  47. British promise of “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”
    Balfour Declaration November 1917
  48. Wilson’s famous statement of American war aims, Designed to stop the spread of Communism in Eastern Europe
    14 points
  49. Commander of US Army in France, brought 1.5 million men with him, by summer of 1918, German troops are terrified, deserting…in March of 1918, 3.8 million German men, 4 months later, suffered a million more casualties
    John "Black Jack" Pershing
  50. November 11th, 1918, WWI coast at least 20,000,000 lives, military dead, germany 2 million dead, 1.7 million dead Russians, 1.1 austrians, 750000 dead brits, 250000 brit empires, turkey 400000, US 114,000
    Armistice Day
  51. Quite lenient on Germany, didn’t really solve anything, slapped their hand basically, only 13.5% land loss, Prohibit union of Germany and Austria, Reparation payments $32 billion, Germany denied war guilt, Germany remained in tact
    Treaty of Versailles
  52. Stock Market Crash - Black Tuesday, October 29th, 1929, World-wide effects, War reparations ceased, Gold standard abandoned, Drastic cuts in industrial production and world trade
    Great Depression
  53. Launched a campaign of assassination and urban guerilla war, The IRA assassinated British officials, Hostilities continue to the present day
    Irish Republican Party
  54. In 1897, he founded a Zionist Organization to promote his ideal of a Jewish state, After 1933, the Jewish population of Palestine doubled 3 year s
    Theodor Herzl
  55. Britain had promised a “responsible government, Britain betrayed that pledge, Nonviolent Civil Disobedience led by Ghandi, Britain promised India independence in 1935
  56. “The Bringer of Enlightenment” in Vietnam, Agent of the Communist International for Southeast Asia, Founded the
    Communist party of Indochina
    Ho Chi Minh
  57. Leading proponent of a Western-style Chinese nationalism, Helped found a political party Guomindang, Strove to give China a constitutional government
    Sun Yat-sen
  58. Createdan army in southern China with Soviet rifles and advisers, Inherited the Guomindang after Sun’s death in 1925
    Chain Kai Shek
  59. Chinese Communist Party (founded in 1920-1921) with Soviets, Created an army of peasants and bandits, Propagated a peasant revolt of the cities
    Mao Zedong
  60. In 1934-1935 Mao’s forces marched 6000 miles after Chiang Kai-shek seized Beijing
    Long March
  61. Sought to make China a Japanese colony, Ironic slogan: “Asia for the Asians”
    Tojo Hideki
  62. Pledged New deal, social security
  63. Created 6 million government jobs, Paid the farmers not to plant crops,Protection from mortgage foreclosures, Gave right to organize unions, CreatedSocial Security, Lifted tade barriers, Pushed us in the right direction, however, did not bring recovery
    New Deal
  64. Liquid fueld rocket in 1926, Russia and Germany found it intriguing
    Robert Goddard
  65. Detection of submarines by sound ranging
  66. Detection of aircraft and surface ships by raido ranging
  67. Munich schoolmaster, Justified barbaric racism
    Oswald Spengler
  68. Most prominent successor of Nietzche, moral values have no rational basis, urged german youth to serve radical nationalism
    Martin Heidegger
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