wheelocks chapter 19

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  1. perfect indicative passive

    I HAVE been praised, or I was praised
    • laudatus, a, um sum
    • laudatus, a, um es
    • laudatus, a, um est
    • laudatus, a, um sumus
    • laudatus, a, um estis
    • laudatus, a, um sunt
  2. pluperfect indicative passive,

    I HAD been praised
    • laudatus, a, um eram
    • laudatus, a, um eras
    • laudatus, a, um erat
    • laudatus, a, um eramus
    • laudatus, a, um eratis
    • laudatus, a, um erant
  3. future perfect passive

    i WILL HAVE been praised
    • laudatus, a, um ero
    • laudatus, a, um eris
    • laudatus, a, um erit
    • laudatus, a, um erimus
    • laudatus, a, um eritis
    • laudatus, a, um erunt
  4. interrogative pronoun, singular
    • M/F.......N
    • quis.......quid
    • cuius......cuius
    • cui..........cui
    • quem......quid
    • quo.........quo
  5. interrogative prnoun, plur
    • same as relative pronoun plural
    • qui..........quae.......quae
    • quorum...quarum....quorum
    • quibus.....quibus.....quibus
    • quos........quas........quae
    • quibus.....quibus.....quibus
  6. interrogative adjective
    • asks for more information
    • which sign, what house, which woman, etc.

    uses the same forms as relative pronoun in both sing and plur
  7. interrogatives vs. relatives
    • interrogative prnouns - asks a question about the identity of a person or thing, has no antecedent and often introduces a question
    • ie - what are you reading? quid legis?

    • interrog adjectives - asks for more specific identification of a person or thing, it both precedes and agrees in gender, number and case with the noun it asks about.
    • ie - which book are you reading? quem librum legis?

    • the relative pronoun introduces a subordinate clause
    • has an antecedent, does not ask a question
    • the book which you are reading is mine
    • liber quem legis meus est
  8. proof, evidence, argument
    argumentum, argumenti, n.
  9. author, originator; increaser
    auctor, auctoris, m.
  10. kindness, favor
    beneficium, beneficii, n
  11. family; household
    familia, familiae, f
  12. Greece
    Graecia, Greaciae, f
  13. juror, judge
    iudex, iudicis, m.
  14. judgement, decision, verdict, opinion, trial
    iudicium, iudicii, n
  15. evil deed,charge, crime
    scelus, sceleris, n.
  16. interrog pronoun who, whose whom, what, which??
    quis, quid, quid?
  17. what, which, what kind? interrog adj.
    qui? quae? quod?
  18. definite, sure, certain, reliable
    certus, certa, certum
  19. heavy, weighty, serious, important, severe, adj
    gravis, gravis, grave (adj)
  20. immortal, not subject to death
    immortalis, immortalis, immortale
  21. but; but, mind you; but, you say;
    stronger than sed
  22. if...not, unless; except
  23. against, prep.
    contra, plus accusative
  24. now, already, soon, adv
    iam, adv
  25. to delight, charm, please
    delecto, delectare, deectavi, delectatum (1)
  26. to free, liberate
    libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum (1)
  27. to prepare, provide; to get, obtain
    paro, parare, paravi, paratum (1)
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