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    loose fiberous connective tissue
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    adipose tissue
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    dense fibrous connective tissue
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    elastic cartilage
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    hyaline cartilage
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    cardiac muscle
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    skeletal muscle tissue
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    smooth muscle tissue
  11. Lymph
    fluid connective tissue composed of non-polar(hydrophobic) liquid and lymphocytes.
  12. skeletal muscle
    composed of muscle fibers that are built from actin and myosin filaments. Attached to bones by tendons and responsible for voluntary movements. have striations and nucleus on edge
  13. smooth muscle
    muscle fibers built from actin and myosin filaments. lack striations. found in walls of digestive tract, blood vessels, and bladder. contracts automatically therefore not voluntary
  14. cardiac muscle
    composed of fibers made of actin and myosin filaments. only found in heart. striated, but contracts involuntarily. has junction in between cells called intercolated discs
  15. neuron
    cells of nervous system composed of cell body, axon, and dendrites. found throughout the body.
  16. neuroglia
    composed of astrocyte and oligodendrite cells that support and nourish neurons
  17. simple epithelia
    composed of tightly packed cells that are anchored to basement membrane and serve as a protective layer. only one layer of cells
  18. squamous epithilium
    no defined shape. found in lungs and blood vessels. simple epithilia
  19. cuboidal epithilium
    simple. found around glands and have microvilli to increase surface area
  20. columnar epithilium
    simple. found in digestive tract and have microvilli and elongated nuclei
  21. pseudostratified columnar epithilium
    appears to have layers but all cells are in contact with the basement membrane. found in lining of lungs and cells are ciliated.
  22. transitional epithilium
    known for elasticity and found in bladder, ureters, and urethra. they are layered but not all attatched to basement membrane
  23. stratified epithilium
    has layers of cells. can be found in nose, mouth, esophagus, anus, and cervix. also found in skin where it is reinforced by keratin to give the tissue strength
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