Spanish IR verbs

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Spanish IR verbs
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Spanish IR verbs
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  1. abrir
    to open
  2. aburrir
    to bore
  3. asistir (a)
    to attend
  4. compartir
    to shar
  5. conducer
    to drive
  6. conseguir (e:i)
    to get, to obtain
  7. consumer alcohol
    to concume alcohol
  8. decider (+inf.)
    to decide
  9. decir
    to say, to tell
  10. describir
    to describe
  11. descubir
    to discover
  12. destruir
    to destroy
  13. dormir (o:ue)
    to sleep
  14. escribir
    to write
  15. imprimir
    to print
  16. insistir (en)
    to insist (on)
  17. ir
    to go
  18. morir (o:ue)
    to snack
  19. oi'r
    to hear
  20. pedir (e:i)
    to ask for, to request, to order (food)
  21. pedir prestado
    to borrow
  22. pedir un pre'stamo
    to apply for loan
  23. preferir (e:ie)
    to prefer
  24. prohibir
    to prohibit
  25. recibir
    to receive
  26. reducir
    to reduce
  27. repetir (e:i)
    to repeat
  28. secudir (los muebles)
    to dust (the furniture)
  29. salir
    to leave, to go out (date)
  30. seguir (e:i)
    to follow, to continue
  31. sentir (e:ie)
    to be sorry, to regret
  32. servir (e:i)
    to serve
  33. sonrei'r (e:i)
    to smile
  34. subir a
    to get on/into (vehicle)
  35. sugerir (e:ie)
    to suggest
  36. sufrir muchas presiones
    to be under a lot of pressure
  37. traducir
    to translate
  38. venir
    to come
  39. vivir
    to live