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  1. Orbicularis Oris

    Origin: various facial muscles

    Insertion: Lips

    Action: Close Lips
  2. Orbicularis Oculi

    Origin: nasal portion of frontal bone

    Insertion: Eyelids

    Action: Blinking
  3. Temporalis

    Origin: Temporal Fossa

    Insertion: Coronoid Process of mandible

    Action: Elevates Jaw
  4. Masseter

    Origin: Zygomatic Arch

    Insertion: Angle and ramus of mandible

    Action: clenches teeth
  5. Sternocleidmastoid

    Origin: manubrium

    Insertion: Mastoid Process of the Temporal Bone

    Action: Rotation of head
  6. Sternohyoid

    Origin: manubrium

    Insertion: Hyoid

    Action: pulls down hyoid bone
  7. Digastric

    Origin: mastoid process

    Insertion: fibrous loop on hyoid bone

    Action: raises hyoid
  8. Trapezius

    Origin: occipital bone

    Insertion: spine of scapula

    Action: hyperextends head
  9. Levator Scapulae

    Origin: 1 to 4 cervical vertebrae

    Insertion: Superior angle of scapula

    Action: extends head backwards and flexes laterally
  10. Splenius Group

    Origin: 1st three thoracic vertebrae

    Insertion: occipital bone

    Action: extension and rotation of head
  11. Pectoralis Major

    Origin: Clavicle

    Insertion: between greater and lesser tuberacles of humerus

    Action: flexion of humerus
  12. Pectoralis Minor

    Origin: Ribs 3,4,5

    Insertion: Coranoid process of the scapula

    Action: Depresses shoulder by drawing the scapula downward
  13. Deltoid (anterior, middle, posterior)

    Origin: acrominon process

    Insertion: deltoid tiberosity of humerus

    Action: whole muscle abducts humerus
  14. Serratus Anterior

    Origin:1st to 9th ribs

    Insertion: anterior medial border of scapula

    Action: Pulls scapula downward, forward, and inward
  15. External Intercostals (11 Pairs)

    Origin: inferior borders of ribs

    Insertion: superior border of ribs

    Action: elevates ribs (aids in inspirtation)
  16. Internal Intercostals (11 pairs)

    Origin: superior border of ribs

    Insertion: inferior borders of ribs

    Action: deprsses ribs (aids in expiration)
  17. Diaphram

    Origin: inferior border of the ribs and sternum

    Insertion: central tendon

    action: inspiration
  18. Latissimus Dorsi

    Origin: lower 6 thoracic vertbrae

    Insertion: greater tuberacle of the humerus

    Action: extends humerous
  19. Infraspinatus

    Origin: infraspinous fossa of scapula

    Insertion: greater tuberacle of humerus

    Action: rotates humerus laterally
  20. Teres Major

    Origin: Inferior angle of scapula

    Insertion: Crest of the lesser tuberacle of the humerus

    Action: rotates humerus medially
  21. Teres Minor

    Origin: lateral border of scapula

    Insertion: lowest portion of the greater tuberacle of humerus

    Action: rotates humerus laterally
  22. Supraspinatus

    Origin: supraspinous fossa

    Insertion: greater tuberacle of the humerus

    Action: abduction of the humerus
  23. Subscapularis

    Origin: subscapular fossa

    Insertion: lesser tubercle of the humerus

    Action: holds head of humerus in glenoid cavity
  24. Rhomboideus Major

    Origin: spinous process of 1st to 5th thoracic vertebrae

    Insertion: medial border of the scapula

    Action: Adducts scapula
  25. Rhomboideus Minor

    Origin: ligamentum nuchae

    Insertion: upper part of the medial border of scapula

    Action: adducts scapula

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