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  1. Pressure Ulcer Prevention (Demonstrate 2, Explain 2)
    • 1. Proper use of bed cradle
    • 2. Elbow/Heel protector
    • 3. Using pillows to reduce skin to skin contact

    • a. Changing position frequently
    • b. Good Nutrition and hydration
    • c. Provide good perineal care (keep resident clean and dry)
    • d. Be careful of the residents skin (no shearing or friction)
    • e. Check resident's skin carefully-provide good skin care
    • f. Assistj your resident to the bathroom frequently
    • g. Encourage mobility
    • h. Use pressure reducing devices
  2. Position Foley Catheter/Bag/Tubing
    • 1. Secure tubing to the resident's inner thigh or abdomen
    • 2. Place tubing over leg
    • 3. Position tubing to faciliate gravitational flow, no kinks
    • 4. Attach to bed frame (not over or on side rail) always below level of bladder
    • 5. Keep catheter bag from touching floor
  3. Oxygen
    • 1. Demonstrate correct placement of O2 mask or nasal cannula (place prongs following thte contour of the nasal passage)
    • 2. Demonstrate how to check the oxygen flow meter and verbalize actioins needed if flow rate is not accurate
    • 3. Verbalize 3 oxygen use guidelines
    • a. avoid lighting matches or smoking aorund oxygen use
    • b.ensure that all electrical equipment is in good repair
    • kinks in tubing
    • d.makesure the device is placed correctly on the resident
    • not adjust the flow of oxygen-if incorrect, alert nurse
    • not remove the mask or nasal cannula, unless you are specifically told to do so by a nurse
    • g.make sure the water evel in the humidity bottle does not get too low
    • h.provide oral care frequently
    • for signs of skin irritation behind the person's ears, over his or her cheeks, or around his or her ears
  4. Occupied Draw Sheet Change
    • 1. Place clean draw sheet on clean surgace within reach (chair, over-the-bed table)
    • 2.Provide Privacy throughout procedure3.Lower head of bed, placing patient in supine position
    • 4.After raising side rail, assist resident to turn onto side, moving toward raised side rail
    • 5.Loosen draw sheet, roll soiled draw sheet toward patient
    • 6.Place and tuck in clean draw sheet on working side
    • 7.Raise side rail and assist resident to turn onto clean draw sheet
    • 8.Remove soiled linens/draw sheet, avoiding contact with clothes, and place in appropriate location within room and never on floor
    • 9.Pull and tuck in clean draw sheet, finishing with sheet free of wrinkles
  5. Apply Cold Pack or Warm Compress
    • 1. Cover cold pack/warm compress with towel or other protective cover (pack or compress should not be placed on bare skin without covering)
    • 2. Properly place on correct site as directed by skills examiner
    • 3. When asked by examiner verbalize frequency of checks and how long you would leave pack/compress on resident (initially check after 5 minutes/do not leave on patient for more than 20 minutes)
  6. Measure and Record Fluid Intake
    • 1. Calculate intake, in mL.
    • 2. Measure on a flat, level surface.
    • 3. Record intake accurately within +/- 25 mL of nurses reading
  7. Converting Ounces to mL.
    • 1. Convert ounces to mL
    • 2. Record intake accurately within +/- 25 mL of nurses reading

    30 mL = 1 ounce
  8. Empty Down Drainage Bag and Measure/Record Urine Output
    • 1. Collect paper towel/measuring container
    • 2. Place paper towl on floor and place measuring container on the floor
    • 3. Remove drainage tube from storage sheath
    • 4. Unclamp while directed toward container and facilitate gravity flow
    • 5. Empty contents (tube should not touch side of graduate)
    • 6. Clean tip of drainage tube with alchol swab
    • 7. Reclamp and reinsert tube into storage sheath
    • 8. Place on flat surface, measure accurately in mL's
    • 9. Dispose of properly into toilet
    • 10. Rinse and dry container
    • 11. Remove floves, and wash hands
    • 12. Record intake accurately within +/- 25 mL of Nurse's reading
  9. Isolation Precautions
    • Step One: The Gown
    • 1. Put on gown by slipping arms into the sleeves
    • 2. Secure the gown around your neck
    • 3. Overlap edges of gown so your uniform is completely covered

    • Step Two: The Mask
    • 1.Place Mask over nose and mouth
    • 2.Tie the upper strings or ear loops over your ears
    • 3.Tie the lower strings at the back of your neck
    • 4.Make sure that the mask fits snugly around your face

    • Step Three: The Gloves
    • 1. Put on Gloves - The cuff of the gloves should extend over the cuffs of the gown
    • To Remove:
    • The Gloves:
    • 1.Make sure glove touches only glove
    • 2.Grasp a glove just below the cuff
    • 3. Hold the removed glove with the other gloved hand
    • 4.Reach inside the other glove with the first two fingers of your ungloved hand
    • 5. Pull the glove down (insideout) over your hand and the other glove
    • 6. Discard the gloves in the trash
    • The Gown
    • 1. Untie the ties of the gown
    • 2. Untie the neck tie and loosen the gown at the neck
    • 3Remove the gown:
    • Slip the fingers of your dominant hand under the cuff of the gown on the opposite sleeve and pull the sleeve over your hand. Be carful not to touch the outside of the gown with either hand.
    • Use your gown-covered hand to pull the cuff and sleeve over your other hand, and then pull the gown off both arms


    • Because your hands are cldean, you may use your domint hand to grab the cuff (ewhich is clean) and pull the sleeve over your hand, then
    • Use your gown-covered hand to pull the cuff and sleeve over your other hand, and then pull the gown off both arms.
    • Pull the gown inside out as it is removed
    • Roll the gown away from you and discard in residents room
    • The Mask
    • 1. Untie bottom strings first and then untie top stings
    • 2. Remove mask by holding the ties only
    • 3. Dispose of the mask in container located in residents room
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