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  1. Describe the Lewis and Clarke expedition
    commissioned by jefferson, lewis and clarke explored the louisianna territory. they reported the cultural practice of western indians natural features of the land, but failed to find the water route that would connect the pacific northwest to eastern markets
  2. What was the embargo act of 1807
    law passed by congress at the urging of jefferson, to halt the shipment of u.s. goods to europe in response to british military/ naval agression. Led to recession.
  3. Who was francis scott key?
    an observer of the bombing of baltimore who wrote the star spangled banner
  4. Who was sacajawea
    15 year old shoshone indian who helped lewis and clarke in their expedition. Her presence reassured suspicious native americans
  5. Who were the war hawks and where did they recieve their greatest support
    politicians who favored specific forms of military action as a tool of u.s. foreign policy. supported by western states; clay, calhoun
  6. Who shot alexander hamilton
    aaron burr
  7. Who was william henry harrison
    governor of indiana who bribed a group of indian leaders with liquor then got them to agree to sell 3 million acres for 7600. also led 1000 us soliders in advance on prophets town
  8. who was tecumseh
    one of the shawnee brothers who led the rise of indian resisitance movement that blended military strenght with native spirituality. defeated by harrison
  9. Describe the battle of new orleans
    jackson led 7000 solider to fight, 2000 british died and only 70 americans. 2 weeks after the actual war treaty was signed ending the war
  10. what happened at the battle of horshoe bend
    jackson defeats the creek indians @ horshoe bend; signed a treaty forcing the creek nation to give up 23 million acres. ended indian threat in alabama
  11. What was the era of good feelings?
    describes the monroe presidency, when partisan tensions eased among voters and their political leaders
  12. What was the treaty of ghent
    peace treaty signed by the united states and great britiain in 1815. ending the war of 1812; status quo ante bellum
  13. What was the rush-begot treaty
    set the u.s candaian border @ the 49th parallel and provided that the 2 countries would jointly oregon territory for ten years; solice for boundary between u.s and canada
  14. Who is robert fulton
    an entreprenur who piloted the clermont, new kind of boat powered by steam; stem navigation of river
  15. the industrial revolutionin america was spearheaded by what industry
    manufacturing ; textiles
  16. what was the task system
    after slaves completed a specific assaigned task, they spent their time as they chose, within limit; rice plantation in S.C.
  17. who was charles deslondes
    original participant in the st. charles/ st. john the baptist parish revolts of 400 slaves which costs 2 whites their lives and many plantations
  18. what was the missouri compromise and who orchestrated it
    missouri would enter as a slave state only after maine entered as a free state written by henry clay
  19. who was moses austin
    led families to texas
  20. what was the panic of 1819
    when the national bank cracked down on loans so did the state banks which caused foreclosure on small farmers. british also started to buy cotton elsewhere further causing a depression
  21. what was the monroe doctrine and who was the architect behind it
    stated that the western hemisphere is no longer open to colonization; JQA
  22. McCulloch v. maryland
    court decided that alothough the constitution did not state a national bank, congress retained the authority to create one. also that maryland could not tax it
  23. what was the spoils system
    give gov't jobs to political supporters
  24. describe nullification crisis
    after SC declares the tariff of abomination null and void jackson passes the nullification proclamation; sent a military/ naval force to intimidate them ; they finally compromised saying the tariff would decrease over the next decade
  25. describe the black hawk war
    when indians clashed/ fought with federal troops, homsteads, miner camps; they were finally defeated in a massacre in western wisconsin
  26. who was denmark vessey
    free black who was a literate carpernter/ religious leader who was falsely accused of plotting against slave owners; he and 23 other men were found guilty and were hung
  27. what was the goal of the american colonization society
    that black people would never find peace in america so they bought land in africa where they tried to send freed blacks; some went some didn't
  28. what was the burned over district
    upstate new york; sight of several religious revivals
  29. who is joseph smith
    founded the mormons
  30. who was sarah hale
    first women to edit political journal
  31. who were the leading transcendentalist
    ralph emerson, henry thoreau
  32. what native american tribe gave refuge to runaway slaves in florida
    the seminoles
  33. what was the trail of tears
    made the indians move to the west; apart of the indian removal policy; u.s. troops destroyed their culture and over 4,000 indians died
  34. who was brigham young
    took over as the leader of the mormons after joseph smith died; led them to utah
  35. who was osceola
    indian leader who waged a war against u.s. troops; his resistance dragged on for 7 years; @ the end he was defeated and ht indians forced to leave
  36. what was the second party system
    national republicans v. whigs
  37. who was william lloyd garrison
    boston journalist who wrote the liberator, a newspaper dedicated to immediate emancipation of all slaves
  38. who was sarah grimke
    women abolitionist who left her home in SC b/c her dad owned slaves; saw the similiarites in how slaves and women were treated.
  39. what caused the panic of 1837
    overspeculation in bridges, canals, and turnpikes and a large failure of grain crops in the west
  40. who was elijah lovejoy
    an outspoken abolitionist who was murdered by a group of white. wrote the alton observer and organized the illinios anti-slavery society
  41. what is a nativist
    american citizens born in the us who opposed further immigration especially from anywhere outside northwestern europe; feared immigrants would take americans jobs
  42. describe the election of 1844
    issue of annexation of texas; clay v. polk at the end polk wins
  43. who was david wilmot
    rep of pensylvania who was against slavery spreading mainly in part b/c he only wanted his race to use the soil
  44. who was catherine beecher
    writer/educator who created a board of national popular education which sent unmarried femal new england teachers to the midwest
  45. what is oberlin college known for
    accepting black men as well as white and black women; had liber policies
  46. who is rober owen
    scotish industrialists/socialist who released declararion of menta independence which condemed private property, organized religion, and marriage
  47. who was the fist president of texas
    sam houston
  48. horace mann
    massachuesetts legislator/ lawyer who was a educational reformer; he stressed the notion of a common school system; first person to lead a board of education
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