Professional Sports Law

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  1. What are the four causes of action for invasion of privacy?
    Intrusion - plaintiff's right to solitude is invaded by the defendant in a manner that would be objectionalbe to a person of ordinary sensibilities.

    Misappropriation - Plaintiff's name or likeness is used for a primarily commercial advantage without the plaintiff's consent

    Public disclosure of Private Facts -
  2. Tortious interference with contractual relationship
    - plaintiff must allege and prove:
    1. The existence of a business relationship under which the plaintiff has legal rights;

    2. An intentional and unjustified interference with that relationship by the defendant; and

    3. Damage to the plaintiff as a result of the breach of the business relationship
  3. Arbitrary and Capricious claim
    Arbitrary on its face

    Arbitrary application - treating one person differently from another unreasonably
  4. Antitrust Claim definition
    An agreement that unreasonably restrains trade

    A legal action brought against parties who are charged with limiting free competition in the market place.
  5. Antitrust Claim Elements
    • 1. An agreement
    • 2. Unreasonably restrains trade
    • 3. Actually causes harm to competition
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