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  1. The Christina River is a tributary of this river
    Delaware River
  2. Mahindra was the son of this emperor
  3. This leader began the Diet of Roncaglia
    Frederick Barbarossa
  4. The Yushin Constitution controlled this country in the 1970s
    South Korea
  5. This religious group was once led by the Valiant Sixty
  6. This woman is the third wife of Henry VIII
    Jane Seymour
  7. Caracalla is the son of this emperor who dismantled the Praetorian Guard
    Septimus Severus
  8. This agreement was preceded by the failed Tallmadge Amendment
    Missouri Compromise
  9. This president obtained Florida from Spain
    James Monroe
  10. This man's government was threatened by the Secret Army Organization
    Charles De Gaulle
  11. Fort Smith is the second largest city in this state
  12. The Battle of Bandiradley occurred in this country's region of Galgadud
  13. The Battle of the Metaurus River occurred during this war
    Second Punic War
  14. This operation to seize Moscow followed Operation Barbarossa
    Operation Typhoon
  15. Guangwudi was emperor during this dynasty
    Han Dynasty
  16. This was the first dynasty to keep records
    Shang Dynasty
  17. Wang Mang founded this dynasty that interrupted the Han
    Xin Dynasty
  18. This dynasty preceded the Shang
  19. The Great Fire of London occurred during this man's rule
    Charles II
  20. This ruler captured the Castle of Arques
    William the Conqueror
  21. This leader beat Henry I at the Battle of Mortemer
    William the Conqueror
  22. This leader massacred the Cholulans
    Hernan Cortes
  23. This man lost to James K Polk in the Election of 1844
    Henry Clay
  24. This man was counsel in an investigation on an empire scheme with Aaron Burr
    Henry Clay
  25. The October Note determined the southern border of this country
  26. Culpeper's Rebellion occurred in this state
    North Carolina
  27. This state was the site of the Regulator Movement
    North Carolina
  28. Part of the Delaware Basin is in the Southwest of this state
    New Mexico
  29. This leader won the Battle of the Volturno River
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
  30. This Spanish state was ruled by the houses of Jimenez and Trastamarta
  31. Daniel Morgan defeated Banistre Tarleton at this Revolutionary War battle
    Battle of Cowpens
  32. Nathaniel Greene defeated british forces at this frontier battle
    Guilford Courthouse
  33. This woman ran for president in 1876
    Victoria Woodhull
  34. This president gave the "Morning in America" speech
    Ronald Reagan
  35. This leader saw the annexation of Goa and three five-year plans
    Jawaharlal Nehru
  36. Sir John Fastolf led a convoy in the "Battle of the Herrings" during this war
    Hundred Years' War
  37. This organization led a hunger strike at Lodz
  38. This island contains La Perouse Bay
  39. Nathan Webb was one major figure in this movement
    First Great Awakening
  40. This country's only president has been Isaias Afwerki
  41. This country once claimed the Hanish Islands
  42. This country lose a conflict over the city of Badme
  43. This president attended the Hampton Roads Conference
    Abraham Lincoln
  44. Henry I married Anne of this city
  45. Sviatopolk the Accursed ruled this city
  46. Vladimir the Great of this city converted to Christianity
  47. Leonid Kravchuk was the first elected president of this country
  48. This state owns Kent Island
  49. This event made Krakow a free city
    Congress of Vienna
  50. This treaty ended the Second Coalition against Napoleon
    Treaty of Amiens
  51. Francisco Pizarro sent this man to meet Atahualpa
    Hernando de Soto
  52. Lawrence of Arabia worked with this Arabian king during WWI
    Sharif Hussein
  53. Canaan Banana was the president of this country
  54. The April 5th Incident occurred in this city
  55. There were nine members in this city's Signoria council
  56. The Gonfaloniere of Justice helped with law enforcement in this city
  57. The Barnwell Ring was based in this state
    South Carolina
  58. One battle during this event was the Battle of Clavijo
  59. This man won battles at Nelson's Ferry and commanded the right flank at Eutaw Springs
    Francis Merion
  60. POUM, or the Durruti Column, was a fighting force in this conflict
    Spanish Civil War
  61. John Francis tried to assassinate this ruler
  62. This ruler's childhood was governed by the Kensington System
  63. Robert Menzies led this country during WWII
  64. Daniel Arap Moi was a president of this country
  65. Hezekiah Ochuka led a 1982 rebellion in this country
  66. This country was the site of the Hola Massacre
  67. This agreement's Clause 61 was omitted later
    Magna Carta
  68. This man's forces put down the Monmouth Rebellion
    James II
  69. The Canadian River cuts through this state's panhandle
  70. One member of this tribe was Roderick
  71. This tribe lost at the Battle of the Guadalete River
  72. The Battle of Jonesboro occurred in this state
  73. The June 17th Uprising was crushed in this city
  74. This city houses the oldest running university in Europe
  75. This country became a free nation after the Sonderbund War
  76. Gheorghe Bibescu was a leader of this principality
  77. This state unified the components of the Mthethwa Paramountcy
  78. This leader failed in his Pruth River Campaign
    Peter the Great
  79. This king was succeeded by his son Edward the Elder
    Alfred the Great
  80. This empire lost the Battle of Kolhapur
    Mughal Empire
  81. Hemu was a general who fought with this empire
    Mughal Empire
  82. This leader signed the Peace of Passau with the Schmalkaldic League
    Charles V
  83. This nation won the Battle of Cer
  84. This man wrote The Archaeology of Knowledge
    Michel Foucault
  85. This man coined the term "biopower"
    Michel Foucault
  86. This man wrote The History of Sexuality
    Michel Foucault
  87. This man led the AFL during the late 1800s
    Samuel Gompers
  88. This man is called the "toughest sherif in the country" in Maricopa County
    Joe Arpaio
  89. In this treaty, the US and Great Britain demilitarized the Great Lakes
    Rush-Bagot Treaty
  90. This man liberated all the slaves in Missouri
    John C Fremont
  91. This country was partially modernized under Sisowath
  92. The "woodpeckers" accelerated this event
    Fall of the Berlin Wall
  93. This man was the son of Tuy and Seti I
    Rameses II
  94. This man signed the Treaty of Lausanne after abrogating Sevres
    Kemal Ataturk
  95. This man wrote The Nature of Rent
    Thomas Malthus
  96. This man's legitimacy to the throne was disputed by Maria Stella
  97. The Battle of Dorylaeum occurred during this war
    First Crusade
  98. This man is the illegitimate son of Pepin II
    Charles Martel
  99. Hernando de Talavera advised this leader
    Isabella of Castile
  100. Alfonso V contested this ruler's ascension to the throne
    Isabella of Castile
  101. The forces of this city lost the Battle of Himera
  102. This man's brother was Ethelred I
    Alfred the Great
  103. This man won the Battle of Ashdown
    Alfred the Great
  104. This man named his capital city Dadu
    Kublai Khan
  105. The Baiji is a dolphin endemic to this river
    Yangtze River
  106. This act was amended by the Burke Act
    Dawes Severalty Act
  107. This tribe migrated under the leadership of Joseph Brant
    Mohawk tribe
  108. William B Allison denied the vice presidency under this president
    William McKinley
  109. During this man's term, Hawaii became a territory.
    William McKinley
  110. This general had the civilian Jane McCrea killed
    John Burgoyne
  111. Dred Scott lived with this man
    John Emerson
  112. These people fought each other in the Weaverville War
    Chinese immigrants
  113. This president put down the Great Railroad Strike
    Rutherford B Hayes
  114. This man led his troops with Seth Warner
    Ethan Allen
  115. This commander was based in the Catamount Tavern
    Ethan Allen
  116. This man directed three railroad surveys as a Secretary
    Jefferson Davis
  117. This man was the Secretary of War under Franklin Pierce
    Jefferson Davis
  118. This conflict happened after Nasser expelled UNEF troops
    Six Day War
  119. Hastings Irmay was the first secretary general of this group
  120. This president in a speech talked about the "fundamental threat to American Democracy" and a "crisis of confidence"
    Jimmy Carter
  121. This battle saw the Sinyavino Offensive
  122. Roman emperor called the "gloomiest of men"
  123. His rule was marred by the death of his nephew, Germanicus
  124. Led an expedition to Puntland
  125. The Roman general Stilicho beat this man
  126. Alaric was of this tribe
  127. People who won the Battle of Nedao
  128. Sons of Mundzuk led this people
  129. Nation that defeated the Aetolian League
  130. Defeated his grandfather Astyages
    Cyrus the Great
  131. Gayomart was the first leader of this religion
  132. First to settle Germanic barbarians in the Roman Empire
    Marcus Aurelius
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