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  1. What 3 (4) bones make up the pelvis girdle?
    • sacrum
    • coccyx
    • 2 hip bones (ilium, ischium, pubis)
  2. What is another name for hip bone?
    os coxae
  3. What is the superior portion of the hip bone?
  4. What are the landmarks of the ilium?
    • iliac crest
    • ant. sup. iliac spine (ASIS)
    • ant. inf. iliac spine (AIIS)
    • post. sup. iliac spine (PSIS)
    • post. inf. iliac spine (PIIS)
  5. What is the posterior inferior portion of the hip bone?
  6. What are the landmarks of the ischium?
    • body
    • ramus
    • ischial tuberosity
  7. What is in the middle of the hip bone?
  8. What are the landmarks of the pubis?
    • body
    • superior ramus
    • inferior ramus
    • symphysis pubis
    • pubic tubercle
  9. What 3 landmarks are made up of combinations of the 3 hip bones?
    • acetabulum
    • obturator foraman
    • greater sciatic notch
  10. What is the divot hole where the femur goes into?

    ischium, pubis
  11. What is the true hole that nerves and blood vessels run through?
    obturator foraman

    bodies of rami of pubis, ischium
  12. What is below the PIIS for attachment of the sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle?
    greater sciatic notch
  13. What is the lumbosacral angle?
    sacrum meets with L5 and is tilted
  14. The pelvis consists of what 3 joints?
    • lumbosacral jt
    • sacrococcygeal jt
    • sacroiliac jt
  15. What pelvic jt. is separated by an intervertebral disc at L5 and S1?
    lumbosacral jt.
  16. What pelvic jt. has some minimal mvmt and is located where the coccyx meets the sacrum?
    sacrococcygeal jt.
  17. What joint is where the ilium and sacrum meet, is a nonaxial synovial jt., designed for stability, and transmits weight from upper body through vertebral column to the hip bones?
    sacroiliac jt.
  18. What ligament is broad, flat and covers the ant. surface of the sacrum?
    sacroiliac jt

    holda the ant portion of the jt together
  19. Where is the sacrospinous ligament located, and what does it help to create?
    post. lower lat. sacrum and coccyz to the spine of the ischium

    helps create a foramen out of the greater sciatic notch for the sciatic nerve to go through
  20. What happens when the ASIS moves ant. to the pubic sympysis?
    ant. pelvic tilt..lordosis

    lumbar hyperextension and hip flexion
  21. What happpens when the ASIS moves posterior to the pubic symphysis?
    post. pelvic tilt..kyphosis

    lumbar hip flexion and hip extention

    abdominals contract
  22. What is sacral flexion?
  23. What is sacral extension?
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