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  1. 321-13 How does Boro command give confirmation of receipt of approval/dissapproval of sound device permit?
  2. 21-13 How much is a sound device permit per day?
  3. 321-14 When does CO refer an application fo parade/procession to file with Chief of Dept?
    When 1000 or more people or on 5th ave
  4. 321-14 How many copies of parade or procession applications should be issued?
    6 & 7 if in PBMS
  5. 321-14 Where does date/time go on parade /procession application?
    Upper right corner
  6. 321-14 When must MOS put initials nect to date/time on a parade/procession permit?
    When date and time is printed (not typed)
  7. 321-14 How is parade/procession application distributed?
    • Original to Command
    • Boro
    • Chief of Dept, Street Activity Permit Office
    • *Traffic Div if in PBMS
    • *DOT if in borough of Manahattan
  8. 321-14 During parade/procession application investigation who does CO talk to?
    • Legal Bureau
    • Other pct CO's if it passes thru thier cmd
    • call/meet with applicant
  9. 321-14 What are the 4 reasons a CO can disapprove a parade/procession application?
    • #3 Someone else applied or will based on tradition
    • #4 Substantial/unreasonable interference with traffic
    • #5 Size of parade prevents proper Police/Fire/EMS servies
    • #8 5th Ave or 1000 or more
  10. 321-14 When must parade/procession permit be processed if given 90 days or more before event? > 30 and <90?
    between 30 and 10?
    10 or < but at least 36 hrs prior?
    <36 hrs with exigencies?
    • 90+ = 45days before
    • >30 and <90 =10 days prior
    • between 30 and 10 = 5 days before
    • 10 or < but at least 36 hrs prior = as soon as practical
    • < 36 hrs with exigencies = as soon as reasonably practicable
  11. 321-13 By when must a sound device permit be applied for?
    5 days prior except in case of sudden event of great public interest and applicant unable to apply sooner through no fault of their own
  12. 321-13 If a sound device permit applicant is not incorporated what must be files with the pplication?
    a certified copy of articles of incorporation or sworn list of names and addresses of officers must be files with application if not already filed with Lic Div
  13. 321-13 When must a typewritten /printes list in duplicate containing location/times etc be attached to sound device permit application?
    If more than 2 locations
  14. 321-13 Between what hours are sound device permits not given for?
    2200 x 0900 hrs
  15. 321-13 What locations are sound device permits not permitted within 500 ft of?
    • 1)School , during school hrs
    • 2)House of worship during services
    • 3)Hopsital/similar institutions anythime
  16. 321-13 When does sound device permit requirements not applied to churches and synagagues?
    On own premise in connection with religious rites
  17. 321-13 Up until how many consecutive days is a sound device permit good for?
    5 consecutive days
  18. 321-13 Where does CO notify for all sound device applications?
    RISC 24/7
  19. 321-13 Where does CO fwd all expired sound device permits?
    Lic Div, for cancellation
  20. 321-15 regarding Street Fair permits where does Pct CO confer with CO traffic Management Center?
    When location is in Borough of Manahattan
  21. 321-20 Where does CO cause a surrender of lic to be recorded?
    Licence Record Card maintained in pct files
  22. 321-20 After a SLA Lic is surrendered, where is stub fwd to? when?
    Patrol Borough Cmd in next morning mail
  23. 321-22 If emergency street excavation is required between 0830 hrs and 1530 hrs Mon-Fri where is permit obtained from?
    NYCDOT borough permit office or a designated central office
  24. 321-22 When do duly lic plumbers performing emergency street excavation file for emergency permit # from NYCDOT communication center?
    1530-0830 hrs M-F, 24 hrs on weekends
  25. 321-22 If emergency excavation work is done in any burial ground and/or common historic district permitee shall not remove any excavation or debris from site without prior approval of who?
    landmarks preservation commision reveiw
  26. 321-25 Where is name, address and phone # of person retrieving a lic of temp amusement devices recorded?
    in Command Log
  27. 321-25 Where are returned licence receipts and unretrieved licences of temp amusement devices sent via Dept mail the day after they expire?
    Citywide Licensing Center, Attn: Asst Dir, Lic Center
  28. 321-25 Where does UMOS report temp amusement devices operated without a lic permit?
    DCA by phone
  29. 321-25 If a phone notification to DCA by UMOS for temporary amusement devices with a licence cannot be made, what must be done?
    P/S does a UF 50 mailed via Dept mail to DCA, Direction of Enforcement
  30. 321-27 When can a MOS carry a licensed firearm while on duty?
    Written approval of the PC
  31. 321-07 Where does CO send 49 with results and recommendations to suspend, revoke or continue in regards to incidents involving pistol lic holder?
    Fwd original direct to CO, Lic Divm incident section (File duplicate)
  32. 321-09 How much is small arms range applicants M.O. made to DCJS?
  33. 31-09 Where does CO fwd an application for small arms range and M.O. to?
    CO Lic Div
  34. 321-09 After CO gets back an application for small arms range from Lic Div where does CO fwd the 49 to with recommendation indicated?
    Borough Co
  35. 321-09 After Co gets small arms range application back from DCLM what does CO do?
    If approved grant applicant approval on UF 50 with regulations
  36. 321-10 If anmes of current officers are not in articles of incorporation what must be included with an application of firearms related business lic application?
    a certified copy of the minutes of directors meeting at which current officers were elected
  37. 321-10 If there was a achange in officers in a corporation what is applying for a firearms related business lic where will corporation send certified copy of the corporate muinutes showing names of new officers?
    Lic Div
  38. 321-10 Other than US citizens who can pplay for firearms related business lic?
    Citizens of nations that the US has commercial treaties with
  39. 321-10 When does renewal request or lic to sell and posses for sale air pistols, air rifle similar instruments have to be made?
    between Oct 1 and Nov 15 each year
  40. 321-10 How much does a M.O. made out to NYS DCJS have to be for firearms related business Lic Application?
  41. 321-10 In addition to Co, Lic Div where does Pct clerical member fwd a copy of application for firearms related business to? why?
    To FTS to examine applicants competency to possess lic
  42. 321-10 If approved, CO delivers a lic to gunsmith or firearms dealer and instructs them to maintain bound record books with pages numbered that must have certain things. What are those thigns?
    • 1) Complete description of person for whom work is performed or from whom firearms is purchased
    • 2)Authority to possess firearm
    • 3)Complete descritpion of firearm including serial # if any
  43. 321-10 What must be delivered to precinct if a firearms relate business lic is concelled, revoked or voluntarily discontinued?
    Record books and permanent inventory sheets
  44. 321-23 How much is the non refundable fee for non criminal fingerprints?
    $15.00 for first set, $1.00 each additional
  45. 321-23 If original set of non criminal fingerprints were rejected what does a UMOS enter in caption "Total Amount Paid"?
    "Reprint No Change", the cmd, and the cmd serial numbers assigned to the original application
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