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  1. What is water made up of?
    2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom
  2. Describe how to test for the presence of water
    It turns blue cobalt chloride paper pink
  3. List the properties of water
    Excellent solvent

    Boils at 100 degress and freezes at 0 degrees

    Water expands when frozen
  4. Describe the process of the water cycle
    • Water evaporates from the river
    • Ir rises up into the air and cools to form a cloud
    • Raindrops are made adn fall as rain
    • The water is put back into the river
  5. List the five stages involved in the cleaning of water




  6. Screening
    Water is passed through a wire mesh and any rubbish is removed
  7. Settling
    Water is stored in a tank and the dirt sinks to the bottom
  8. Filtration
    Water is filtered by passing it through layers of sand and gravel
  9. Chlorination
    Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria
  10. Fluoridation
    Fluroine is added to water to strengthen our teeth and stop tooth decay
  11. What is soft water?
    This is water that lathers easily with soap
  12. What is hard water?
    This is water that does not form a lather with a soap

    It forms a scum with soap
  13. What causes hardness in water?
    Calcium and magnesium ions
  14. List the disadvantages of hard water
    It forms lime scale

    It wastes soap

    It forms a scum
  15. What are the advantages of hard water?
    It tastes nicer

    It has calcium which is good for our bones and teeth
  16. State the ways that hardness can be removed from the water

    Passing it through an ion exchange resin
  17. What is electrolysis?
    Electrolysis is splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity

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