Science - Water

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  1. What is water made up of?
    It is a compound of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom
  2. Describe how to test for the presence of water
    It turns white anhydrous copper sulfate blue
  3. List the properties of water
    Excellent solvent.  This means substances can dissolve in water

    Boils at 100 degress and freezes at 0 degrees

    Water expands when frozen

    The density of water is 1 g/cm3

    Adhesion - water clings to and climbs up the xylem vessels to bring water and minerals from the soil to the leaves of the plant

    Surface tension - molecules of water are attracted to one another so it appears as if there is a thin skin on the surface of the water.  This allows some small insects to walk on water
  4. What is the water cycle?
    This describes all of the changes that water undergoes as it moves through the Earth
  5. Describe the process of the water cycle
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    1. Evaporation: The Sun heats water on land, and in rivers, lakes and seas.  The liquid water turns into water vapour, which rises upwards

    2. Condensation: The water vapour cools down and changes back into tiny drops of liquid water, forming clouds

    3. Precipitation: As water adds to the clouds, they get heavier (more dense) and eventually water falls back to the Earth in the form of rain or snow

    4. Water flow: Rainwater runs over land and collects in lakes or rivers, which take it back to the sea.  Then the cycle starts all over again
  6. List the five stages involved in the cleaning of water




  7. Screening
    Water is passed through a wire mesh and any rubbish is removed
  8. Settling
    Water is stored in a tank and the dirt sinks to the bottom
  9. Filtration
    Water is filtered by passing it through layers of sand and gravel to remove the smallest particles of dirt
  10. Chlorination
    Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria
  11. Fluoridation
    Fluroine is added to water to strengthen our teeth and stop tooth decay
  12. What is electrolysis?
    Electrolysis is splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity
  13. What piece of equipment is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen?
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    A Hofmann Voltmeter is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen

    Sulfuric acid is added to the water to help conduct the electricity
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