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  1. the_____empire was named after the village of byzantine
  2. the greek colonest from _____built byzantine where the black sea flows into the bosporus straits
  3. it was a good location for_____and _____
    protection and trade
  4. _________is in turkey
    mount arat
  5. the ____emperor continet built the city of constantinople where the village of byzantine had been located
  6. ______were nomadic people who had not adopted roman culture and who didn't speak laten or greek
  7. the ____emperors moved to constantinople by a.d 470 leaving rome open to barbarian invasion
  8. ______was the first great emperor of the byz antine empire
    Justain the first
  9. ______sent belisarius to re-conquer the western provinces
    Justinian the first
  10. the ___ruled carthage, but were defeated by belisarius
  11. ______controlled parts of asia,africa,and europe
    Justinian the first
  12. the ____empire began after the _____empire
    byzatine and roman
  13. _______simlified the roman laws into a much shorter code called corpus juris civlis or the body of civel law
  14. ______and______base thier legal systems on the code
    france and italy
  15. the____and____in constaninople were sports clubs that served as the city guard
    blues and greens
  16. the _______occurred when the blues and greens looted and burned much of the city do to high taxes
    nika riots
  17. justinia the first sent belisarius to defeat the rioters at the _____,which is a large open -air statium
  18. ______-justiania the first's wife which had been a circus performer
  19. _______-the church of holy wisdom .built in the form of greek cross .minarets were added by turks in 1453.brilliant mosaics,pictures made with bits of colored tiles were inside
    hagia sophia
  20. the ______army was made up of mercenaries-hired solders from other counteries
  21. therefor,the_____and_____,such as auars,bulgars,and lombars,were able to defeat parts of the byzantine empire
    perians and barbarians
  22. the _______empire cut their pay in half and the _____refused to fight
    byzantines and mercenaries
  23. . ___________famous empire who saved the byzantine empire from total defeat.reformed the army by training peasants and paying them in ______.divided the land into themes with peasent soldiers to defend them.peasants live in the theme they were defending.changed the officical language to ________.during his reign,the byzantines stole ____________ from china and started making silk
    heracluis, land, greek, silkworms
  24. _______claimed he recieved a speical message from the angel gabriel
  25. ____-religion founded by muhammad in wich allah is the only and muhammad is his prophet
  26. ______-follower of islam
  27. _____-islamic holy book
  28. ______-a trade group of merchans or craftsmen
  29. _____-muhammad's withd rawal from a.d 622
  30. ________-islamic name for those who don't believe in islam
  31. ______-islamic holy war
  32. ______-succersor of muhammad
  33. the ____of the rock is an islamic mosque built in jerusalam on the site of saloms temple
  34. _______are islamic holy city
    mecca and medina
  35. ____________leo the isaurion, defeated the muslim army with greek fire
    empiror leo the third
  36. ______________occures when a ruler claims to have authoritys over the empire and church
  37. _______hatred of icons
  38. due to a disagrement over icons the church split into the_______ church (patriarch) and the __________ church (pope).
    eastern orthodox, roman cathlic
  39. _____ pictures and statues of jesus and the saints
  40. a golden age of the byzantines empire occures in _________
    a.d. 843-1025
  41. during this age ,2missions invented a slavic alphabet called the _________
    cyrillic alphabet
  42. the most unuasul emperor who captured 14,000 bulge soldiers, _______ them and sent them_______
    blinded, home
  43. ________knights called by popes to fight against the turks
  44. first crusadaderes decided to go to _______,but they were supposed to go to _________
    jerusalum, constantinople
  45. the purpose of the _______ crusade was to reunite the eastern orthodox church with the __________
    fourth, roman catholic church
  46. the ________ fled to asia minor and established a new capital at _______
    byzantine, nicaea
  47. ____________worked hard to strenghthen the new empire at nicaaea
    john the III
  48. by 1261,________-defeated the crusasade and returned to constuntinople
    michal the eighth
  49. the end of the byzantine empire ,were the pepole didn't help the___
  50. _________________was the last emperor of the byzantine empire
    constanine 11
  51. the byzantine empire keept the ________ from dissappering and preserved greek literature, learing, and philosophy.
    roman law
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