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  1. nephr/o or ren/o
    Combining form meaning kidney

    • Primary Functions:
    • 1. Filters blood to remove waste products
    • 2. Maintains electrolyte concentrations
    • 3. Removes excess water to maintain fluid volume in body
  2. Pyel/o
    Combing form meaning renal pelvis

    Primary Function: Collects urine produced by the kidneys
  3. Ur/o or urin/o
    Combining form meaning urine

    Primary Function: Liquid waste products to be excreted

    Note: Suffix form is -uria.
  4. Ureter/o
    Combining form meaning ureter

    Primary Function: Transports urine from the kidneys to the bladder
  5. Cyst/o
    Combining form meaning bladder

    Primary Function: Stores urine until it is excreted.

    Note: Also means cyst or sac of fluid
  6. Urethr/o
    Combining form meaning urethra

    Primary Function: Transports urine from the bladder thru the urethral meastus, where it is excreted.
  7. Prostat/o
    Combining form meaning prostate

    • Primary Function:
    • 1. A gland of the male reproductive system
    • 2. Surrounds the urethra
    • 3. Disorders of this gland can disrupt the flow of urine
  8. Home/o
    Combining form meaning constant
  9. -statis
    Suffix meaning control
  10. -al or -ic or -tic
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  11. -chrome
    Suffix meaning color
  12. -ologist
    Suffix meaning specialist
  13. -tic or -al
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  14. -osis or -esis
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  15. an-
    Prefix meaning without
  16. -uria
    Suffix meaning urine

    Note: Combining form are ur/o or urin/o
  17. hyper-
    Prefix meaning excssive
  18. Protein/o
    Combining form meaning protein
  19. -emia
    Suffix meaning blood condition
  20. -pathy
    Suffix meaning disease or disorder
  21. Hydr/o
    Combining form meaning water (or fluid)
  22. -ectasis
    Suffix meaning enlargement or stretching
  23. -itis
    Suffix meaning inflammation
  24. Glomerul/o
    Combining form meaning glomeruli (singular glomerulus)
  25. -ptosis
    Suffix meaning droop or prolapse
  26. poly-
    Prefix meaning many
  27. -ic or -tic or -al
    Suffix meaning pertaining to
  28. Py/o
    Combining form meaning pus
  29. Cyst
    Means sac of fluid

    Note: Combining form is cyst/o which also means bladder

  30. -lithiasis
    Suffix meaning the presence of stones
  31. -lith
    Suffix meaning stone
  32. -rrhagia
    Suffix meaning (excessive) bleeding
  33. -algia
    Suffix meaning pain
  34. -cele
    Suffix meaning hernia
  35. Trigon/o
    Combining form meaning trigone (smooth triangular area on inner surface of bladder located between openings of ureters & urethra.)
  36. Vesic/o
    Combining form meaning bladder
  37. Vagin/o
    Combining form meaning vagina
  38. -genic
    Suffix meaning created by
  39. -rrhea
    Suffix meaning flow or discharge
  40. -stenosis
    Suffix meaning tightening or narrowing
  41. epi-
    Prefix meaning above (or upon or on)
  42. hypo-
    Prefix meaning below (or less than or deficient or decreased)
  43. par- or para-
    Prefix meaning abnormal (beside, near, beyond, apart from, opposite, or alongside of)
  44. Diur/o or Diuret/o
    Combining form meaning increasing output of urine
  45. -esis or -osis
    Suffix meaning abnormal condition
  46. dys-
    Suffix meaning painful
  47. -en
    Suffix meaning into
  48. noct/i
    Combining form meaning night
  49. olig/o
    Combining form meaning scanty or few
  50. -graphy
    Suffix meaning the process of creating a picture or record
  51. -scopy
    Suffix meaning visual examination
  52. -gram
    Suffix meaning a picture or record
  53. dia-
    Prefix meaning complete, through, between
  54. -lysis
    Suffix meaning to separate, through or breakdown
  55. Hem/o
    Combining form meaning blood
  56. -pexy
    Suffix meaning surgical fixation
  57. -ostomy
    Suffix meaning creating an opening
  58. -plasty
    Suffix meaning surgical repair
  59. -otomy
    Suffix meaning surgical incision
  60. -tripsy
    Suffix meaning to crush
  61. -ectomy
    Suffix meaning surgical removal
  62. -rrhaphy
    Suffix meaning surgical suturing
  63. meat/o
    Combining form meaning opening or passageway
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