history 16.3

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  1. The capital and largest city of Puerto Rico, also named for John the Baptist.
    San Juan
  2. Much of the world's supply of _______ spice (also called allspice or Jamaican pepper) comes from Jamaica.
  3. ______ is one of the world's largest producers of _____, which is an ore used for making aluminum.
    Jamaica, bauxite
  4. a freed black slave from the U.S. that went to Jamaica to preach the gospel. He eventually founded a number of Baptist churches for the black people of Jamaica, although suffering persecution.
    George Liele
  5. One of the early English missions to Jamaica began in 1820 with the help of money that _____ ____, the great English scientist and Christian, had left in his will over a hundred years earlier.
    Robert Boyle
  6. Most Jamaicans are black or mulatto and most speak a _______ of _______ which combines African, Spanish, and French words with English grammar and vocabulary.
    dialect of English
  7. the highest peak in the West Indies
    Pico Duarte
  8. three fourths of the _____ _____ crop in Dominican Republic, the most important crop, is exported to the U.S.
    sugar cane
  9. _____ _______ , an island in the Bahamas, is probably the place where _________ first landed in the New World before going to Cuba and Hispaniola
    San Salvador, Columbus
  10. The capital and largest city of the Bahamas, ________, is on New Providence.
  11. The Bahamas serves as a center for international banking, but _______ is the main industry of the islands.
  12. At Nassau's famous ______ ______, Bahamians sell straw mats, purses, baskets, and hats that they have made and decorated.
    straw market
  13. Combined, St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas were known as the ______ ______ Indies.
    Danish West
  14. the great leader of the Moravian church
    Count von Zinzendorf
  15. The northeastern Virgin Islands remained under British control and are known today as the ______ ______ ______.
    British Virgin Islands
  16. The _____ _____ Virgin Islands is made up of fifty islands and three larger islands, St. ______, St. ______, and St. ________.
    United States, St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas.
  17. The capital and largest city of the United States Virgin Islands, ____ _____, is located on St. Thomas.
    Charlotte Amalie
  18. ______ _______ _____ Park, on St. John, St. Thomas, and some of the smaller islands, is part of the United States National Park System
    Virgin Islands National Park
  19. a favorite place for scuba diving
    Buck Island
  20. a good friend of John Wesley, who is remembered as teh founder of Methodist missions.
    Thomas Coke
  21. _____ is sometimes called the Isle of Spice because of its leading world role in producing ______ and other spices.
    Grenada, nutmeg
  22. _____ production is honored on Grenada's flag by a yellow and brown nutmeg design.
  23. Lies the farthest east of all the West Indies islands.
  24. ______, ______, ______, all near Venezuela, are the largest islands of teh Netherlands Antilles.
    Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire.
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