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  1. Abuse
    The wrongful use or maltreatment of another person
  2. Characteristics
    of a Violent Family
    • social isolation- private family business.
    • power and control by perpetrator of the familys social
    • economic, and physical affairs...disobedience escalates violence
    • Drug and/or alcohol abuse- affecting both victim and perpetrator
    • Dysfunctional with enmeshment, unclear boundaries, and poor coping
    • Intergenerational transmission process
  3. Intergenerationan transmission
    • The intergenerational transmission process shows that patterns of violence are passed from one generation to the next- via role modeling an social learning.
    • 1/3rd of abusive men came from abusive homes.
    • If a women grew up in an abusive home- they are 50% more likely to expect this as normal.
  4. Intimate
    partner violence
    The abuse of a person in the context of an intimate relationship
  5. Psychological
    abuse or emotional abuse
    • name calling, belittling, screaming, yelling, destroying property, ignoring them, or
    • refusing to speak to them, and making threats
  6. Physical
    hitting choking, shoving, pushing---may be severe enough to cause death.
  7. Statistics
    • One in three women in the
    • United States have been victims at some time in their lives

    • us many as 5.3 million women
    • are affected yearly

    • 90-95 % of victims are
    • female

    • Accounts for 3 out of 10
    • murders of women

    • Eight percent of U.S.
    • homicides are due to spouses murdering each other
  8. Special
    uBattered immigrant women

    • uPregnancy and postpartum worsens the abuse with 15-25% (324,000
    • yearly) incidence and pregnant teens reporting 37% incidence

    • Same sex violence occurs
    • less frequently and is less likely to be reported due to stigma, discovery by
    • family and peers, and sodomy laws. Affects up to 550,000 per year
  9. Traits
    of an Abusive Husband
    Considers wife as his property

    Low self-esteem


    Sense of inadequacy

    Poor problem solving

    • Jealous and possessive
    • Bullies the entire family

    Uses violence as a way to boost esteem

    He is often a “failure” in other areas
  10. Traits
    of an Abused Wife
    dependency—personal, social, economic

    “Unable to function” without husband

    Low self esteem

    • “Make it work” regardless
    • Blame themselves

    • Fearful of being killed (statistics show women leaving or that
    • have left often murdered)

    • dependency is the most common trait found
    • among women
  11. Walker’s
    Cycle of Violence

    • Period of remorse or
    • contrition—the “honeymoon period”.

    Tension building


    • Cycle shortens, especially
    • the period of remorse, violence and injuries escalate.
  12. Violence
    building phase
    phase one-
    uone—abuser becomes



    • –Critical of
    • his mate

    • –Female becomes
    • nurturing, compliant, and wants to “stay out of his way”

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