Regeneration in angiosperms and mammals

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  1. What is regeneration?
    The replacement of lost or damaged tissue
  2. What is regeneration dependent on?
    The activity of relatively undifferentiated cells
  3. What is an angiosperm?
    A flowering plant
  4. Is regeneration in angiosperms extensive?
  5. Give two commerical applications of this extensive regeneration
    • Cuttings and tissue culture are artificial methods used to increase supply of a desirable plant
    • Thousands of identical plants can be produced by tissue cultures
  6. What is the name given to genetically identical organisms which have been produced asexually from one parent to another?
    A clone
  7. Regeneration in mammals is limited to only a few tissues. Give an example of one of these tissues
    • Skin cells allow wound healing
    • Broken bones can mend
    • Liver cells after damage
  8. Complete the table:
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    Image Upload 2
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