Body Composition

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  1. What does body composition allow the assessment of? (5 things)
    • (1) Body fat mass (kg) and % body fat
    • (2) Fat mass/lean body mass
    • (3) Muscle mass
    • (4) Skeletal mass
    • (5) Other components i.e. total body water
  2. What is the difference between hypertrophic and hyperplastic obesity?
    • Hypertrophic = increased size of fat cells
    • Hyperplastc = increased number of fat cells (progression from hypertrophic)
  3. What is hypertrophic obesity?
    Increased size of fat cells
  4. What is hyperplastic obesity?
    Increased number of fat cells
  5. Whay assess body composition? (3 things)
    • (1) Assess the "quality" of a subjects weight
    • (2) Assess physical changes associated with nutrition, training and lifestyle interventions
    • (3) Estimate resting metabolic rate
  6. Why is BMI not always suitable?
    Doesn't account for muscle mass
  7. What is body build?
    The form or structure of the body (muscularity, linearity and fatness)
  8. How is body size determined?
    By height and weight
  9. What is body composition?
    A chemical composition of fat mass and fat free mass.
  10. Whats the difference between a direct method of body composition and an indirect method?
    Direct method involves disecting a cadaver and obviously can't be done in vivo.

    Indirect methods are done in vivo.
  11. Explain the validity of direct and indirect methods.
    Indirect methods are developed from direct methods, doubly indirect methods are developed from indirect methods and are therefore more prone to errors in calibration.
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