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  1. What is the number one cancer in the US for middle/late CH
  2. Learning Disability
    Difficulty in learning that involves understanding or using spoken or written language
  3. Asperger Syndrome
    A relatively mild autism spectrum disorder in which the child has relatively good verbal language, milder nonverbal language problems, and a restricted range of interest and relationships
  4. Learning Disabilities (reading)
    • o
    • Dyslexia-Severe impairment in reading and
    • writing

    • o
    • Dysgraphia- difficulty in handwriting

    • o
    • Dyscalculia-difficulty in math computations
  5. ADHD
    • A disability in which children consistently show one or more of the following characteristics:
    • -Inattention
    • -Hyperactivity
    • -Impulsivity
  6. Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
    Problems involved in Aggression, Depression, Fears with school matters
  7. Operations (piaget)
    Mental actions that are reversible
  8. Concrete Operations (piaget)
    Operations that are applied to real, concrete objects
  9. Seriation
    The ability to order stimuli along a quntitative dimension (such as lenght)
  10. Normal Distribution
    A symmetrical distribution with most scores falling in the middle of the possible range of scores and a few scpres appearing toward the extremes of the range
  11. Intelligence Quotient
    Persons mental age divided by chronological age(CA) multiplied by 100
  12. Whole-Language approach
    Reading intruction based on childs natural language learning; whole-and meanigful
  13. Phonics
    Reading instruction should teach basic rules for translating written symbols
  14. Subtractive Bilingualism
    Children who monolingual at home and bilingual to English at school then monolingual to English only
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