SOCI 270

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  1. Dominant Group
    Means the Majority
  2. Subordinate Group
    Means the Minority
  3. Ethnic Group
    A group of people who are generally recognized by themselves or by other as a distinct group, based entirely on social or cultural characteristics. Most common are nationality, language, and religion
  4. Ideological racism (racist idealogy)
    Closely related to the concept of prejudice.

    Term refer specifically to the belief that some races are biologically, intellectaully, or culturally inferior to others.
  5. Individual discrimination
    Any behavior by an individual that leads to unequal treatment because of race or ethnicity.

    Referring to behavior not beliefs or attitudes
  6. Institutional discrimination (institutional racism)
    Arrangements or practices in social institutions and their related organizations that tend to favor one racial or ethnic group over another.
  7. Majority group
    any group that is dominant in society
  8. Minority group
    any group that is assigned an inferior status in society
  9. prejudice
    refers to people's thinking-their attitudes and beliefs-not their behavior.

    can be overt and very obvious, or it can be subtle and indirect
  10. Race
    refers to a socially defined group of people who are generally considered to be physically distinct in some way, such as skin color, hair texture, or facial features, from other groups and are generally considered by themselves or by others to be a distinct group.

    has two components: social and physical
  11. Racial group
    a group of people of the same race who interact with one another and who develop some common cultural characteristics
  12. Racism
    any attitude, belief, behavior, or institutional arrangement that favors one race or ethnic group over another
  13. Social institutions
    well established structures such as family, the state, the education system, the economic system, and religion.
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