Anatomy Directions

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  1. Anatomical Position
    • Body faces forward
    • Feet parallel to each other
    • Arms at sides with pams facing forward
  2. Superior
    Towards upper end of body
  3. Inferior
    Toward lower end of body
  4. Anterior
    Toward front of body
  5. Posterior
    Toward back of body
  6. Medial
    Towards the middle of the body
  7. Lateral
    Towards the outer sides of the body
  8. Proximal
    Close to
  9. Distal
    Far from
  10. Superficial
    Toward the body surface
  11. Deep
    Away from body surface
  12. Sagittal Section
    Cut dividng body into left & right parts
  13. Transverse Section
    • Cut made on horizontal plane
    • Divide body into upper & lower parts
  14. Frontal Section
    • aka coronal section
    • Cut divides body into front & back regions
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