sexual psychology chapter 12 and 13

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  1. Homosocial behavior
    relating socially pri-marily with members of the same sex
  2. Cohabitation & divorce
    studies have shown that there is a greater risk of the relationship developing into a divorce if they live together before they get married; the exception is women who's only sexual partner ever was that male
  3. Highest rates of divorce
    the highest rate of divorce and unwed mothers come from the "bible belt"; massachusetts, where same sex marriage is legal, has the lowest rate of divorce; the highest rate is from states who strongly oppose same sex marriage
  4. Gottman’s research
    A ratio of at least five positive interactions to each negative interaction, Facial expressions of disgust, fear, or misery, High levels of heart rate, Defensive behaviors, such as making excuses and denying responsibility for disagreement, Verbal expressions of contempt by the wife, Stonewalling by the husband ( showing no response when his wife expresses her concerns), found that both men and women say that the quality of the friendship with their spouse is the most important factor in marital satisfaction
  5. Reasons for extramarital sex (swinging)
    The emphasis is on recreational, non- emotionally-intimate encounters; for adventures into sen-sual living” with other couples
  6. Reasons for extramarital sex (Open Marriage)
    A marriage in which spouses, with each other’s permission, have intimate relationships with other people as well as with the marital partner
  7. Reasons for extramarital sex (Polyamory)
    Polyamory the term many people use to describe multiple consensual sexual relationships
  8. Reasons for extramarital sex
    human nature, the person’s desire to reestablish his or her sense of individuality and autonomy, work and living circumstances
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sexual psychology chapter 12 and 13
sexual psychology chapter 12 and 13
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