special examinations of nervous system (exam4)

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special examinations of nervous system (exam4)
2010-04-15 11:56:55
exam4 special examinations of nervous system

exam4 special examinations of nervous system
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  1. what is the spinal tap commonly referred to as?
    lumbar puncture
  2. where is the needle inserted between for a spinal tap?
    • between 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae(2-5)
    • -needle inserted into the subarachnoid space
  3. why is the needle for a spinal tap inserted into the subarachnoid space?
    • -below main part of spinal cord->therefore less danger of damage
    • -cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has moved through entire CNS
  4. what are the purposes of a spinal tap?
    • a. remove CSF for diagnostic purposes
    • b.introduce medication or radiopaque dyes for special examinations
    • c.relieve intracranial pressure
    • d. administer anesthesia
  5. what are the 2 ways to check for tumors in brain?
    • 1.ventriculography
    • 2.encephalography
  6. what is ventriculography and what does it involve??
    • a. x-ray process for localization of verebral tumors
    • b.involves injection of air into verebral ventricles
  7. what is encephalography and what does it involve?
    • a.x-ray examination of head
    • b. follows injection of air into subarachnoid space
  8. what is cerebral angiography?
    • 1. radiopaque media injected into carotid or vertebral arteries
    • 2. x-ray made of vascularization
  9. what is CT scans
    computed tomography
  10. what is MRI
    magnetic resonance imaging
  11. What is PET scans
    positron emission tomography