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  1. Gray tank
    Carbon dioxide
  2. Green Tank
  3. Blue tank
    Nitrous Oxide
  4. Yellow tank
  5. Black tank
  6. Brown tank
  7. Conditionally acceptable agents in cats are (2):
    N2 and Ar
  8. Conditionally acceptable agents in Horses include (3):
    Chloral hydrate (IV, after sedation), gunshot, electrocution
  9. amphibians and reptiles conditionally acceptable method of euthanasia
    Penetrating captive bolt, gunshot, stunning and decaptiation, decaptitation and pithing
  10. Carbon Monoxide is not an acceptable agent in which species?
    • fish
    • reptiles
  11. Which three species is it conditionally acceptable to be euthanized with Chloral Hydrate IV with sedation
    swine ruminants and horses
  12. What is the only acceptable method of euthanasia in nhps?
  13. Gunshot is only acceptable in which species?
    Free ranging birds
  14. In which three species is penetrating captive bolt acceptable?
    Horses, ruminants, and swine
  15. In which species is electrocution conditionally acceptable (5)?
    • Mink(fur animals)
    • Dogs
    • ruminants
    • swine
    • zoo animals
  16. What agents are acceptable in free ranging wildlife?
    Barbiturates IV or IP, inhalant anesthetics, potassium chloride in conjunction with general anesthesia
  17. Agents that are acceptable in zoo animals include:
    Barbiturates, inhalant anesthetics, CO2, CO, potassium chloride in conjunction wih general anesthesia
  18. These agents are acceptable in swine?
    Barbiturates, CO2, potassium chloride in conjunction with general anesthesia, penetrating captive bolt
  19. Acceptable agents in ruminants
    Barbiturates, potassium chloride in conjunction with general anesthesia, penetraing captive bolt
  20. Rodents and other small rodents acceptable methods of euthanasia are
    barbiturates, inhalant anestthesia, CO2, CO, potassium chlaoride with anethesia, microwave irradiation
  21. Acceptable methods in reptiles
    barviturates, inhalant anesthetis, Co2
  22. Acceptable agents in rabbits
    barviturates, inhalant anesthtics, CO2, CO potassium chloride with anesthesia
  23. Mink, fox and other mammals produced for fur acceptable agents
    Barbiturates, inhalant anesthetics, CO2, CO, potassium chloride with aneshtesia
  24. Acceptable agents in marine mammals
    Barbiturates, etorphine hydrochloride
  25. Acceptable agents in horses
    Barbiturates, potassium chloride with anesthesia, penetrating captive bolt
  26. Acceptable agents in fish
    barbiturates, inhalant anesthetivcs, CO2, TMS, benzocaine hcl, 2-phenoxyethanol
  27. Acceptable agents in Dogs
    Barbiturates, inhalant anesthetics, CO2, CO, KCl with anesthesia,
  28. Acceptable agents in cats
    barbiturates, inhalant anesthetics, co2, co, KCL with anesthesia
  29. Acceptable agents in birds
    barbiturates, inhalant anesthetics, CO2, CO, gunshot (free range)
  30. Acceptable agents in amphibians
    Barbiturates, inhalants, CO2, CO, TMS, benzocaine HCl, double pithing
  31. Whcih inhalant anesthetics is conditionallhy acceptable in rodents?
    methoxyflurane and ether
  32. Cervical dislocation is conditioanlly acceptable in rabbits less than what size?
  33. Animals less than this age need to have an adjunct method if euthanized with inhalants alone
    16 weeks
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